Yes, I know my hair is beautiful.
Gender Male
Race Nordic... maybe?
Faction Anarchists
Health Poor
Level 1337
Status Drunk
Location 7th Street

Whatcha need to know

Let me know if there are any questions you have, articles you would like to see created/cleaned up, or information I could possibly gather in-game.

Spent my last $63 on Borderlands and I don't plan on doing much else besides climbing/skating/paddling for the next few weeks. Hustlin' all I can to get $100 for a nice wireless router so I can play online CoOp. My only marketable skill is whitewater raft guiding, and we don't get much work in the winter (lulz).

My toons so far

50 Berserker ('Rank 9 in Diehard = EZ-Mode)

24 Soldier (Finally caught up on all my quests!')

20 Hunter (Hard to sit back and snipe when your main is Brick)

23 Siren (Phasewalk + Melee tap on the back + shotgun to the face)

Half a dozen random level 1-10's (from trying to teach technologically inept friends how to play in CoOp mode)

Some quality articles

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