mordecai / finger of god build

"remember, mordecai won the marksmanship tournement with a pistol........................." �

the pure balance between sniper, bloodwing,pistols,and any other weapon you pick up �

skill tree layout

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Starting Skill


Gain the ability to summon a pet Bloodwing out to attack an enemy and then return. Cooldown: 28 seconds



Tier Sniper Tree Rogue Tree Gunslinger Tree










































Totals 17 19 20
Required Level: 61

� �

requirements for best use:

lv 10+ weapon proficencies for repeaters ,revolvers and sniper rifles {math formulas will be given later for breakdown of used weapons in case, and scenerios of of unaffected stat vs overloaded-multiple stat chains on weapons used}

gunslinger class mod

+52% - +95% Pistol Fire Rate 	
Deadly  +3	
Loaded 	+3
Relentless +4	
+5 - +29 Pistol Ammo Regeneration

{theres no point of having the pistol accuracy increase on this mod for 2 reasons,}

1. choosing accuracy increase on this mod over pistol regeneration will put you in a spot if you are using a large clip machine pistol or ripping through your revolver ammo as well, just + 9 regeneration will keep up with normal comsumption of eleavated fire rates for pistols. +20 and up will never run out. �

2. maxing out focus in sniper tree not only gives you 25% boost in accuracy for your pistols and sniper rifle plus decrease snipers sway by 1/2,

it increases "ALL" other weapons that you might deside to play with (like very very inaccurate combat rifles) �

important; class mod must have +4 or if you can find one as well just +3 relentless level increase (explanation later) �

skills that MUST be maxed out,

focus 5/5

swift strike 5/5

gun crazy 5/5

killer 5/5

fast hands 5/5

hair trigger 5/5 �

a sheild with fair strengh, recharge and mid to high health regen �

transfusion grenades (at level 61 you should have access to mods woth 100+ damage by now) �

and any level of shock artifacts for bloodwing � �

Character Name
Level: Class:
Support Mod Favored Weapon

introduction to the man of war

i built this spec after my 2nd playthrough of borderlands from the start (not playthrough 2, just a second beginning with the hunter himself, his style is so addicting) and after receveing all 3 add ons and building and earning alot more better items and weapons (like a class mod with +2 find rare items and find +4 more items)

after looking at other builds i was suprised that on one really activated all 3 bottom skills at least? or rounded the whole tree out at all, some left whole trees out alltogether and concentraited on single areas all together.

to each his own though,its still good to respec your player and put your points in different areas and use different class mods for situations, i still do too. �

skills and effects

mordecai primary use in this build is powered in his use of handguns

2nd effect use is in his sniper rifle

3rd and final is his blood wing,more of a defence and crowd control �

main reasons of use of gunslinger mod:

this perticular mod setup seems weird at first,at least it did to me. until i tweaked it to a point that its lethal.

the only 2 skills that have no use at all is smirk and lethal strike because at this point there will be mo reason to level up for experence and going melee on a badass is not wise even with this boosted (they hit back, i know i tried)

the 3 main points of the value effects on the mod were

pistol fire rate

pistol ammo regeneration

and extra points for 3 skills

mainly the relentless skill +4 because this perticular skill cannot be stacked if you have 5 points that you add on your own.

most of the time i saw that people would max it out with 5 skill points or none at all and forget it all together

but theres a reason its on the bottom.........................

let say this .if you just put at least one point on it you would still be able to use the effects,just not full blast,and all you can add is 5 max

at one skill point after you kill something your fire rate with "all" weapons goes up 8% and each bullet has a 1 in 4 chance to deal 20% more damage.

a shot gun that fires 12 shots at 50 points per buck now has 3 bucks that hit at 60 points a peice

regular up close blast with 12 shots x 50= 600 damage

close up blast with 9 at 50=450 and 3 at 60=180 , total=630. but adding the relentless + 4 stat to your 1 skill spent on this saves you needing to spend 4 points on this and putting them on something more vital as a stat for another skill or skills. and now you have the fulll effect of relentless kick in when activated, 40% fire rate increase and "100%" damage for 1 in 4 bullets close up blast with 9 at 50=450 and 3 at 100 = 300, total=750, this effect goes for all gun type as well , very useful in reality you would only need to spend 16 points total to reach the bottom of skill tree and at least 1 of them to actvate relentless to get maximum use of it with class mod �

other non- crucial skills on gunslinger tree

deadly: theres really no need to put more than 2 points on this ( really you could just put one to get the +3 effect from the class mod and max out gun crazy still to get to 2nd set of skills and move count by 1 to 3rd skill set) putting 2 at least gives you a 5 effect with the +3 stack.

which allows at least 30% increase for criticals �

riotus remedy: you really dont need alot on this one .9��% regen is enough

with the combonation of

out for blood on bloodwing ,health regen on shield ,and transfuson grenades alone makes this not a issue.

most of the set up is for balance over whole skill grid �

preditor: 4 is all you need, 12 seconds cut back out of 28 leaves 16 sec cool down,putting carrion call to 3 points gives the sniper rifle a 2.4 cooldown reduction on every "hit" you make on the sniper rifle , yes hit. means you dont have to kill something........... just hit it

worse case scenerio if you were going against rakk hive with just a lv30 "weaksauce" sniper rifle"


rakks are not a problem because of bloodwing strking 5 times .speed and damage increase at max for him from swiftstrike and cool down time is reduced by 12 seconds. just shooting the rakk hive alone with sniper rifle multiplys effect of cooldown , not to mention 9 different skill effects active allready on trees + 3 that activate after killing something {except for trespass,"wheres your shield on the hive boys.......?"}

balance is key,, especially hunting alone.

sniper skills:

lets look at a typical sniper rifle from the dahl cataloge (from the offical borderlands stratagy giude)

pzz30d fearsome thunder rifle lv 25 �

damage {381} accuracy {96.2} fire rate {2.1} magazine {5} +57% recoil reduction +83% damage +150% critical hit damage 1.8x zoom

lv 10 sniper profincency: damage +9% rate of fire +24% stability +36%

skill tree stacks/ constant: focus {+25% accuracy, -50% rifle sway} caliber {+8% damage) loaded {+56% magazine increase"skill stack from class mod"} fast hands { +40% reload speed} deadly { +30% critical hit damage"skill stack from class mod"} tresspass (+1% damage / 20% chance to pass shields)


damage {381 + 83% + 9% + 8% +1% =765.81} fire rate { 2.1 + 24% 2.604} magazine { 5 + 56% =7.8}

accuracy { 96.2 + 25%=120.25 } critical { 150% + 30%= 180%}

skill tree stacks / triggered: killer {+ 40 damage , + 30% reload speed} relentless { + 40% rate of fire , +100% killer shot damage by 1 in 4 shots}

final calulations��: damage { 765.81 + 40 + 100% "if killer shot"=1,611.62} fire rate { 2.604 + 40%= 3. 6456} reload { 40% +30% = 70% so if reload time is 4 sec, 4 - 70%= 1.2 seconds} �

you now have a rifle that hits like a launcher, with the speed of a repeater, good clip size, and a reload of a second, in play and in real life the sniper rifle is not made for close quarters combat, more of a one shot,one kill weapon.

i have a liquid orion orange rifle myself, and this spec works fine for the rifle itself, i dont really need to max out the clip percentage increase because the gun alone holds 15 in clip, having 40 shots in clip is pointless since firing like a psycho only eats through ammo,reduces your concentration, and having no regen for rifle clips, even having orange ammo expansion packs just wastes the limited amunt you have in general.

stick this as your secondary weapon, the one that wakes up sleepy heads �

pistol skills; �

mordecai has 2 primary pistol skills on tree and 9 others that come into play in multiple combonations

class mod for spec make him a walking gatling gun with no need for pistol ammo for ever


pistols that have built in ammo regeneration stack regen time with class mod, very bad!!!!!!!

pistols that do not need to reload like the dove never use ammo at all, and can still have regen ammo effect if class mod is on,and when skills kick in,it turns into a highly,dobule shot nusance,even badder!!!!

revolvers that shoot like shotguns have the effect of the bullets x 2 with gun crazy,7 shots turn into 14, bad in itself!!!!!!!!!!!

having at least lv 10 profinceys turn all pistols into higher speed reload,precise weapons included with class mod and skill stats

machine pistols when boosted turn into turrents

having tresspass higher than lv one is useless in this time for the fact that maxing it out will give you 100% of shield passage, but 5% bullet increase makes no real change in all around damage, in fact if you want damage increase,put it in on killer, full effect has +40 damage, {not��%}

on top of other things there are other faults in trespass in general as well as other ways around the "shield" problem.

1. highly armoured, highly defenced, and highly armoured and shielded threats amost null trespass. like badass skags , badass brusers, and worse badass lance and eleament lances.

critcials could help with the brusers but 5% bullet damage and no shield at all make it worthless lances and skags, even spiderants have high grade plate armour,and the skag itself only critical is its mouth ( waiting for it to open its mouth while 10 others are chasing you looking for a shield shot at 5% bullet increase dont mean alot now do it?"from a bad playthrough 2 with a lv 45 badass black skag and his doggie posse")

badass lances might get tagged once or mabye a few times and if your good,you got a critical head shot(thats if you got passed the shoulder plates) but hit anywhere else or not kill him and hes on you. now you got him, a engineer with his turret, a defender walking towards you like a roman, and mabye 1 or 2 marines running around throwing grenades now {and if your lucky, the lance you shot shield had health regen lol}

trespass is only good for one kind of person, guardians, there shields are so strong you mght as well use it since there body is pertty weak itself

other ways around the trespass shield problem:

bloodwing: equipping blood with shock artifact will DEFINATLY erase or drain most and leave a shock point chip on all shields + striking multiple foes

transfuson grenades��: these target every thing and drain anything that is shielded armoured or tough enough to cause you problems

elements��: any guns that have fire, corrode or explosion, combined with transfuson, and bloodwing attacks wipeout clans. packs. gangs,geese.insects,slugs.e,t"s, zombies,midgets,psycho midgets,shotgun midgets,skag rider midgets,more midgets.......................................

eridian weapons: most of the time depending on the gun itself because of the clip and cooldown lag,it can be a little teidous. but if you were smart you maxed out its profincency to 50 and got about 4 of them now,all of them deal some kind of shock damage so unload one rifle and switch to another ,repeat, switch to 3,repeat,switch to 4,and back to 1, endless.....................................................

liquid orion rifle��: this beauty here deals good damge, ignites shock damage every time, and has a splitting effect when bullet hits enviroment areas, single shot to body deals damage plus shock value, splits in corners and around other targets give radius damage to mutlipe targets, and allows you to fight at a safe distance' i took on the lance drones in first play of noxxes dlc and got no where at first trying to blast them with the veichle with the homing rockets because of the resistance lv of there shields, i wipped out the orion. unloaded on one got to the meaty part,maranaded,cooked for a hour,and served with mashed potatoes,gravey and coleslaw. �

handgun insanity:

various tests were run with the pistol skills and class mod stats on different handguns in the moxxi underdome entrance area at various different spots and ranges to see

distance targeting from point blank to about 100 ft,

high fire rate targeting unaimed. aimed and aimed while applyng downward pressure to contol recoil rise

accuracy and spread raidus from point blank range to 100 ft with scoped and unscoped pistol

ammo comsumption vs ammo regeneration times

and bullet velosity 100 ft max (time for bullet to reach target.)

different angles through splitscreen were looked at as well �

s&s thanatnos: damage and fire rate are supreme . clip is most of the time 84 bullets.scoped ones are availble. and have been seen as incendiary up to 2x but decreases clip to 69, enabling hair trigger will put a standerd one to 100+ clip size and a fire one to 89 plus boost fire rate 20% by itself drawbacks of gun are that the lag time of impact from about 25 to 50 feet is about 1 second which means velosity of bullets is really slow. using this gun with no stats alone will eat through your ammo very quickly in a prolonged gun fight increasing clip size,and fire rate on class mod, skills,and proficency will drain the ammo even faster. but with ammo regen on the class mod this will allow you to domain areas by long showers of rain. topped with gun crazy now your bullets are multiplyed with out the higher cost.and remember about relentless? the 1 point skill with 4 more from the mod now at max effect. and theres still a reason why i just put 1 point on trespass. balance is the key.

the other problems were that at further ranges they also had a wider spread pattern. when we did the unaimed test at about just 15 feet and it was all over the place, aimed focused the spread pattern to about a 3 ft raidus. 30 ft away targeting the bounty board in the underdome left about a 5 and a half ft raidus.

last problem was the recoil jump it has when you hold down on the trigger,gun will rise up when fire is held down, accuracy boost helped but not to remove it competely, slighy holding down counterbalances this problem.

standard thanatnos will mow down most of your problems without reloading for a while, while stat boost will make it lethal sometimes stunning heavy armoured opponents by knockback from arm and leg shots.

controlled fire while moving foward will allow you to close ground on camps and target areas without getting pinned to far back or drawn back,also allows to to be close enough to throw bloodwing.

since the fire rate is so high , you can spray back and forth and side to side for multiple hits ,flame versions will ash anything (faster then the firehawk) �

chiquito amigo: strong damage, high fire rate for repeater and highly accurate, fires two shots per bullet and hits at long ranges with no delay. been seen with elements as well , big clip, with gun crazy. hair trigger, focus, fast hands, killer, relentless, tresspass, and ammo regen i took down both moe and marly and skagzilla like butter ( sad when they opened there mouth, moe jumped at me in last try and i meleed his mouth) �


pestlent deflier��: the melter of all things, allways corrodes with each hit, gun crazy doubles shots and will increase the amount of acid by getting hit two times. double shots are accurate even over long range.

stat increases wil make as fast as a mid speed repeater without sacrificing accuracy,

scope will make this a head shot almost all of the time

well thats it. try it out and see what you do thank you gear box for this one, i havent had so much fun in my later years.

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