Ursa Corps is a mentioned only organization in Borderlands 3.


"My squad leader said Darzaran Bay will be my last mission. Easy in easy out. And afterwards my Iron Bear class mech will be all mine. Routine gig he said. Routine gig my ass. It was a death trap. We never stood a chance. The rest of my squad is wiped out. But Iron Bear kept me alive. Now he's all I got."
-Moze, a retired soldier from Ursa Corps, talking of her last mission in Darzaran Bay

Ursa Corps was a mechanized military organization serving under Vladof. It was known for its high battle capabilities, a shock troop of Ursa Corps is capable of clearing out an entire continent of Tediore troops on Srcannus 3 in days according to the observation of a Hyperion agent.

Iron Bear class mech is the signature mechanical unit of this organization. Not physically featured in the game, operation in Dazaran Bay was the only known mission of Ursa Corps with video record. It was turned out to be a suicide mission and Moze was the only survivor of her squad.


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