Urine, You're Out is an optional mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. Claptrap has a problem with a local incontinent skag stinking up the nearby swamp and would like the urine promptly cleaned up.


"When you gotta go..."


  • Clean urine splotches: 0/5


The skag-infested land behind Ardorton Docks has been marked in skag urine that gives off a phosphorescent glow at night. Each of the five marked spots is further indicated by a piece of modern technology. The urine can only be seen and cleaned off at night, and further complications include locating one on a high rock in the middle of the area that requires a climb and a leap from another rock to reach, and periodic attacks from skags.

The first skag attacks are minor and occur after initial stains have been cleaned away. The difficulty of the attacks increases however, as the opponents escalate to badass skags by the fifth one cleaned. If the game is set as a higher difficulty such as the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode or Overpower Levels, some of the skags will most likely be the Super Badass or Ultimate Badass varieties.


"This may not have been the most glorious moment in your career as a Vault Hunter, but it was certainly the most pungent."

Turn In: Claptrap


  • The last urine splotch is found outside the objectives area.
  • This mission is made more troublesome by the lack of clear distinction between night and day in Scylla's Grove. The night sky there never shows any stars; instead, it takes a more bluish tint during the night, and is more whitish-gray during the day.


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