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Uranus (named Uranus Bot in-game) is a massive loader bot that appears in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2, protecting the Moonshot cannon in Helios Fallen.


Whilst making a large bomb to destroy the blast gate blocking access to Mt. Scarab Research Center, Tiny Tina requires a power core to initiate the missile launch and tasks the Vault Hunters with getting one from the Arsenal in Helios Fallen.

Upon arriving at the Arsenal, it is revealed that the power core is actually inside Uranus, who activates and attacks the Vault Hunters. This delights Tiny Tina, who recognizes the adult joke surrounding Uranus' name and laughs heartily at the robot.



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  • Uranus is nearly identical to Saturn, featuring a similar appearance with turrets on its 'shoulders' and 'hips,' and sharing the same elemental vulnerabilities. However, several of its attacks are different and it also features an additional two autocannons similar to those found on WAR Loaders.
  • Maya's Phaselock will not effect Uranus' turrets; instead, a gun or longbow grenade must be aimed at them; however, often damage to one of the shoulder turrets will transfer to the other as well.
  • Uranus has two critical hit locations: the red glowing lights in the middle of its torso. This makes Uranus vulnerable to weapons with high critical hit damage. Conveniently, the average spread of an Infinity is just wide enough for the endmost shots of the loops to hit either critical spot alternately when the aim is centered between them and the gun is fired from behind the stack of crates closest to the elevator in the tunnel leading to Uranus.
  • Uranus has a significantly higher than average chance of dropping legendary, E-tech or pearlescent items in its massive loot drop, often dropping one or more upon each defeat. Uranus has a chance of dropping effervescent vehicle skins, and is the only loot source for The Electric Chair effervescent grenade mod, with a 10% drop chance.
  • When farming Uranus, it is not necessary to go through the entire map if one goes to the one-way Fast-Travel Station nearby, then restarts the game; traveling to any other map (or the very beginning of the Helios Fallen map) will negate this.

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