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Upshot Robot' is a tier 3 skill in Gaige's Best Friends Forever skill tree. When Deathtrap is active, any kills by Gaige or Deathtrap will increase Deathtrap's duration and grant a melee damage bonus to both.


  • Deathtrap Duration: +5 seconds per kill
  • Melee Damage: +4% per stack


  • The timer becomes less reliable for determining Deathtrap's expiration with longer duration increases. The longer the duration, the more likely that Deathtrap will die prematurely due to damage received, so health should be monitored more closely than usual.
  • This skill has the potential for game-breaking effects, as if the damage count stacks high enough, the game will begin to experience severe lag and glitching problems.
  • This can potentially lead to Deathtrap lasting through entire fights, as it stands it appears as if it can stack into 4 digits so far, has been confirmed to go above 1000, even though it may read as 100 because of the lack of room on the icon for the numbers, so with a potential max of 9999, Gaige and Deathtrap could be sitting at a potential maximum of +39,996% melee damage.
  • In the Vault of the Warrior, Deathtrap will easily defeat the Volcanic Rakk without taking much damage. As these enemies spawn infinitely, after the final battle it is possible to have Deathtrap remain present indefinitely with this skill combined with Sharing is Caring to ensure he doesn't die from damage. This enables Gaige to gain potentially unlimited amounts of experience and money drops, although this is niche at best.


  • Unlike skills that alter Deathtrap's appearance, Upshot Robot does not add any parts. Instead it increases Deathtrap's size, notably its arms, shoulders, and some parts added by other skills.

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