Uplifted Ravagers are unique Saurians that only spawn during the Rumble in the Jungle side mission in Borderlands 3.


A group of scientists on Eden-6 uplifted a saurian broodhollow in response to the threat they had previously created with the uplifted Jabbers. Within the Saurians uplifted included a large amount of Ravagers who now serve as soldiers under Queen iOsaur.



Uplifted Ravagers are weak to incendiary damage. Uplifted Ravagers have the following attacks:

  • Laser gun - uses the elemental laser above the right eye
  • Bite - close-range bite
  • Scratch - close-range scratch

During the final battle with Queen iOsaur and King Bobo, they spawn indefinitely until she is killed.


An Uplifted Ravager with its Maliwan laser

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