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In Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 3, and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands there are sets of items known as Unique. Unique items are usually rewarded from a challenging task – completing a specific mission or defeating a certain enemy, and feature special abilities that are often related to the mission and/or enemy that provides it, and a specially colored skin. Unique items in Borderlands cannot spawn with a code or prefix, but in Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands 3, Unique weapons can spawn with prefixes.

Acquiring Unique Items

Most of the Unique items in Borderlands are acquired in one of two ways:

  1. The item was previously wielded by a unique enemy. The earliest example is The Clipper from Nine-Toes.
  2. The item is a reward for a mission. For example, T.K. Baha will give his T.K's Wave after completing T.K.'s Life And Limb. The weapon will almost always be related to the mission/character that gives it, though there are exceptions.

Note that in both cases, these are always guaranteed drops. Exceptions include the Lady Finger, which is found in a mission-related stash, and The Chopper, which has no guaranteed drop location, and can only be farmed.

In Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands 3, most Unique items that are not gifted as mission rewards are not wielded by the enemy that drops them, with only a small handful of exceptions. While some Unique items are guaranteed drops (such as Deadlift's Vandergraffen), most merely have a moderate chance of being dropped. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, vending machines can also sell Uniques.

Farming Unique Items

During a normal playthrough of Borderlands, almost every unique item can be acquired once, with no particular effort. It is when trying to farm a unique item more than once that things get more complicated. The re-availability of unique items can be broken down in several groups:

  • Respawnable Unique Enemy Drop: For example, Bone Head and Sledge will always drop their Bone Shredder and Sledge's Shotgun. Re-acquiring the unique item simply involves finding and killing the enemy again.
  • Mission Reward: A mission reward can only be obtained once, making these items a theoretic one-time only reward. However, in some cases, there is a unique enemy related to the mission that will gain a chance to drop the item after the mission is completed. For example, Scar is the target enemy of T.K.'s Life And Limb, and after the mission's completion, he has a small chance of the mission reward, T.K's Wave. Almost all mission items can be re-acquired this way, except for Chiquito Amigo, Athena's Wisdom and The Spy (to a certain degree). Lady Finger and The Chopper fall into this category.
  • Non-Respawnable Unique Enemy Drop: Most notably King Wee Wee's Wee Wee's Super Booster. These items can only be acquired once. To "farm" these items, it is recommended to wait to collect the mission that causes the enemy to appear until after Playthrough 2, to increase the item's level to its maximum potential. The farming then consists of acquiring the item, and quitting without saving if the item is not satisfactory or if it simply did not drop.

In Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, mission rewards cannot be acquired by enemies after the missions are completed, meaning they are a one-time only reward.

In Borderlands 3 as of the 7/23/2020 update, it is now possible to get leveled mission rewards from either the Gungun / Eridian Fabricator's alternate fire mode (250 eridium for 1-4 items of either legendary or unique quality) or from Crazy Earl's vending machine on Sanctuary III.


Unique weapons bypass Borderlands classic weapon generation mechanics in that they often have restrictions on their parts. This means that unique weapons usually don't have as large a spectrum of characteristics as other weapons. Firstly, all unique items will have a unique material. This material will give it a special color scheme, and sometimes also change its characteristics. Like legendary items, unique items will also have a predefined part from which the special effect derives. Finally, there will be the part restrictions. For example, Sledge's Shotgun will always have a blade, will always have a 2-clip magazine, and will never have a scope.


Unique items don't have any special rarity. Most unique items are of the blue rarity, with a handful of green, purple, or legendary rarity items also being classified as Unique.

Mixing with Legendaries

As long the unique item's part restrictions don't forbid the legendary item's part, and the manufacturers match, then it is not impossible for Borderlands to generate unique legendaries. For example, Atlas's Ajax's Spear combat rifle can spawn with an accessory, and the Atlas legendary combat rifle, the Ogre, gets its effect from its accessory. As such (albeit extremely rare), it is sometimes possible to find an Ogre Ajax's Spear.

In most cases these items will have the name of the legendary weapon without any prefix.

Possible hybrid weapons in Borderlands:


A unique weapon is said to be aftermarket (in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel) when it is produced by a certain manufacturer, but contains component(s) from others (usually with a different barrel). While this is standard fare for the most common weapons and certain legendary weapons, unique weapons are built from a predefined set of parts, almost always exclusively from a single manufacturer. Rocket Launchers are an exception because they can have an exhaust from any suitable manufacturer.

Names and Locations (Borderlands)

A list of all the unique items, their initial drop location and their farming location, if any.

Name Manufacturer Type Drop Location Farming Location
Ajax's Spear Atlas Support Machine Gun Ajax Ajax
Athena's Wisdom Hyperion Repeater Pistol Athena, (Loot Larceny) N/A*
Bone Shredder Tediore Submachine Gun Bone Head and Chaz Bone Head
Boom Stick Torgue Combat Shotgun Baron Flynt Baron Flynt
Chiquito Amigo Tediore Repeater Pistol Thirsty the Midget, (Purple Juice!) N/A*
Cracked Sash Anshin Shield Rakkinishu Rakkinishu
Knoxx's Gold S&S Munitions Repeater Pistol General Knoxx General Knoxx
Krom's Sidearm Atlas Repeater Pistol Krom Krom
Kyros' Power Atlas Pump-Action Sniper Rifle Kyros N/A*
Lady Finger Hyperion Repeater Pistol Nine-Toes: Take Him Down Moe
Leviathan Torgue Rocket Launcher Wanted: Fresh Fish Rakk Hive
Madjack Maliwan Revolver One-Eyed Jack One-Eyed Jack
Nailer Dahl Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle House Hunting Bleeder
Patton Atlas Revolver Bait And Switch Queen Tarantella
Reaver's Edge Dahl Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle Reaver Reaver
Rider Gearbox Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle Hidden basement Hidden basement


Sledge's Shotgun Jakobs Combat Shotgun Sledge Sledge
T.K's Wave Dahl Combat Shotgun T.K. Baha, (T.K.'s Life And Limb) Scar
The Blister Torgue Combat Shotgun Like A Moth To Flame Mothrakk
The Chopper Vladof Support Machine Gun Motorhead Motorhead
The Clipper Vladof Machine pistol Nine-Toes Nine-Toes
The Dove Dahl Repeater Pistol Altar Ego: Godless Monsters Slither
The Meat Grinder Torgue Support machine gun Jaynis Kobb N/A*
The Roaster Maliwan Rocket Launcher Taylor Kobb Taylor Kobb
The Sentinel Hyperion Burst rifle Jack's Other Eye Rakkinishu
The Spy Hyperion Submachine Gun King Tossing N/A*
Typhoon Dahl Submachine Gun Typhon N/A*
Wee Wee's Super Booster Pangolin Shield King Wee Wee N/A*
Whitting's Elephant Gun Jakobs Pump-Action sniper rifle Ernest Whitting, (Big Game Hunter) Skagzilla
* These items can only be obtained once per playthrough.
* The Rider is only available for a limited time.
* The Spy may also drop from King Wee Wee.

Names and Locations (Borderlands 2)

Name Manufacturer Type Drop/Reward Location
12 Pounder Torgue Rocket Launcher Big Sleep
1340 Shield Vladof Shield Out of Body Experience
Aequitas Vladof Shield Clan War: Wakey Wakey*
Bad Touch Maliwan Submachine Gun Tipping Moxxi
Bane Hyperion Submachine Gun The Bane*
Basic Repeater Dahl Pistol My First Gun*
Blockhead Tediore Shotgun Badass Creeper
Bone Shredder Bandit Submachine Gun Bone Head 2.0
Boom Puppy Torgue Assault Rifle Walking the Dog*
Breath of Terramorphous Vladof Grenade Mod Terramorphous the Invincible
Buffalo Jakobs Sniper Rifle Demon Hunter*
Captain Blade's Otto Idol Eridian Relic Message In A Bottle (The Rustyards)*
CHOPPER Bandit Assault Rifle Dexiduous the Invincible
Chulainn Maliwan Submachine Gun Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks
(Mick Zaford)*
Chère-amie Maliwan Sniper Rifle Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5*
Cobra Jakobs Sniper Rifle Burners
Commerce Hyperion Submachine Gun Assassin Wot
Contraband Sky Rocket* Bandit Grenade Mod Limited edition bonus
Cracked Sash Tediore Shield Varkids
Creamer Torgue Rocket Launcher Creature Slaughter: Round 5 *
Crit Maliwan Submachine Gun Critical Fail*
Dahlminator Dahl Pistol The Lost Treasure*
Damned Cowboy Jakobs Assault Rifle Bloodtail
Deadly Bloom Torgue Shield The Overlooked: This is Only a Test*
Deputy's Badge Eridian Relic Showdown*
Dog Bandit Shotgun Assassin Rouf
Elephant Gun Jakobs Sniper Rifle Arizona
Evil Smasher Torgue Assault Rifle The Chosen One*
Fibber Hyperion Pistol A Real Boy: Human*
Fireball Maliwan Grenade Mod Fire Mages
Tinderbox Bandit Pistol Captain Flynt
Fremington's Edge Hyperion Sniper Rifle Assassin Reeth
Fuster Cluck Bandit Grenade Mod The Pretty Good Train Robbery*
Good Touch Maliwan Submachine Gun Tipping Moxxi
Greed Jakobs Pistol Captain Scarlett*
Grog Nozzle Maliwan Pistol During The Beard Makes The Man*
Gwen's Head Dahl Pistol The Dust
Hail Vladof Assault Rifle Bandit Slaughter: Round 5*
Heart Breaker Hyperion Shotgun Safe and Sound
Hive Maliwan Rocket Launcher Saturn
Hydra Jakobs Shotgun Rouge
Jolly Roger Bandit Shotgun Just Desserts For Desert Deserters*
Judge Jakobs Pistol Assassin Oney
Kiss of Death Maliwan Grenade Mod Hell Hath No Fury*/Hyperius the Invincible
Kitten Vladof Assault Rifle Everybody Wants to be Wanted*
Lady Fist Hyperion Pistol Uncle Teddy (Una Baha)*
Landscaper Torgue Shotgun Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks
(Tector & Jimbo Hodunk)*
Lascaux Dahl Submachine Gun Frostburn Canyon
Law Jakobs Pistol Won't Get Fooled Again
The Sheriff of Lynchwood
Lightning Bolt Maliwan Grenade Mod Sorcerers
Little Evie Maliwan Pistol Lil' Sis
Love Thumper Bandit Shield Best Mother's Day Ever*
Lucrative Opportunity Eridian Relic Safe and Sound (Marcus)*
Magic Missile Maliwan Grenade Mod Wizards
Manly Man Shield Torgue Shield Message In A Bottle (Wurmwater)*
Midnight Star Torgue Grenade Mod Message In A Bottle (Magnys Lighthouse)*
Morningstar Hyperion Sniper Rifle Hyperion Contract #873*
Moxxi's Endowment Eridian Relic The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai*
Mysterious Amulet Eridian Relic The Amulet (Purchase)*
Octo Tediore Shotgun Slap Happy*
Order Bandit Shield BFFs*
Orphan Maker Jakobs Shotgun Message In A Bottle (Oasis)*
Pimpernel Maliwan Sniper Rifle Don't Copy That Floppy*
Pocket Rocket Torgue Pistol Torgue vending machine
Pot O' Gold Bandit Shield Bagman
Rapier Vladof Assault Rifle Message In A Bottle (Hayter's Folly)*
Rex Jakobs Pistol Bulstoss
Roaster Bandit Rocket Launcher Note for Self-Person*
The Rough Rider Jakobs Shield The Bulwark
RokSalt Bandit Shotgun Splinter Group*
Rubi Maliwan Pistol Rakkaholics Anonymous
Sand Hawk Dahl Submachine Gun Whoops*
Scorpio Dahl Assault Rifle Bearer of Bad News*
Sheriff's Badge Eridian Relic The Sheriff of Lynchwood
Shotgun 1340 Hyperion Shotgun Out of Body Experience
Sloth Dahl Sniper Rifle Rakkaholics Anonymous
Slow Hand Hyperion Shotgun Badassasaurus
Stinkpot Jakobs Assault Rifle No-Beard*
Stomper Jakobs Assault Rifle Hungry Like the Skag*
SWORDSPLOSION Torgue Shotgun The Sword in The Stoner*
Teapot Dahl Pistol You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party*
Teeth of Terramorphous Bandit Shotgun Terramorphous the Invincible
The Afterburner Eridian Relic Positive Self Image*
Tidal Wave Jakobs Shotgun Uncle Teddy
Trespasser Jakobs Sniper Rifle Animal Rights*
Triquetra Jakobs Shotgun Clan War: End of the Rainbow*
Twister Jakobs Shotgun Omnd-Omnd-Ohk
Vault Hunter's Relic Eridian Relic Pre-order bonus, Collector's Edition Pack
Veritas Vladof Pistol Clan War: Wakey Wakey*
Winter is Over Eridian Relic Ghost
Yellow Jacket Hyperion Submachine Gun Jackenstein
Orc Bandit Submachine Gun Magic Slaughter: Round 5*
* These items are only offered as mission rewards and cannot be legitimately obtained by other methods, but can be re-obtained in each separate playthrough or via a playthrough reset in UVHM.
* The Grog Nozzle is a mission weapon. The weapon cannot be legitimately obtained without the mission. The only exception to this is the fourth week of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt.

Names and Locations (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel)

Name Manufacturer Type Drop/Reward Option/Location
Asteroid Belt Torgue Shield Guardian Hunter
Baby Boomer Torgue Grenade Mod Boomer
Black Snake Hyperion SMG Red
Boganella Scav Shotgun Another Pickle
Boomacorn Jakobs Shotgun Fall SHiFT reward 2015 or Random drop
Boss Nova Scav Assault Rifle SHiFT reward for players owning the Tales from the Borderlands season pass
Boxxy Gunn Tediore SMG Reward option for Digistructed Madness: Round 2 and occasionally Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round.
Bright Spadroon Maliwan Laser These are the Bots
Bullpup Hyperion Shotgun Loyalty reward to players who have save data from Borderlands
Cathartic Oz Kit Scav Oz Kit Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion
(guaranteed drop from mission-exclusive enemy, Poop Deck)
Company Man Hyperion Shotgun SHiFT reward for players owning the Tales from the Borderlands season pass
Cry Baby Scav Assault Rifle Reward option for Digistructed Madness: Round 3 and occasionally Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round.
Cyber Eagle Jakobs Pistol The Secret Chamber
(guaranteed from Colonel Zarpedon's secret chest)
Data Scrubber Maliwan Grenade Mod Chip's Data Mining Adventure
Deadly Bloom Torgue Shield Random drop
E-GUN Maliwan Laser Sub-Level 13: Part 2
Fast Talker Scav SMG SHiFT reward for players owning the Tales from the Borderlands season pass
Firestarta Dahl Laser Torgue-o! Torgue-o!
(Janey Springs)
Freedom Oz Kit Hyperion Oz Kit Land Among the Stars
(mission reward option)
Freezeasy Maliwan Laser In Perfect Hibernation
(mission item); Lazlo (after mission completion) no
Fremington's Edge Hyperion Sniper Rifle Don't Shoot the Messenger
Fridgia Dahl SMG In Perfect Hibernation
Frostfire Maliwan SMG The Bestest Story Ever Told (Normal mode only)
Globber Hyperion Pistol Eradicate!
(CL4P-L3K spared)
Gwen's Other Head Dahl Pistol Found in one of several hidden money boxes in Titan Industrial Facility
Hail Vladof Assault Rifle Iwajira
Hard Reboot Maliwan Pistol Chip's Data Mining Adventure
Haymaker Dahl Shield DAHL Combat Training: Round 5
Ice Scream Vladof Assault Rifle Bunch of Ice Holes
(Nurse Nina)
Invigoration Oz Kit Anshin Oz Kit Land Among the Stars
(mission reward option)
Jack-o'-Cannon Torgue Shotgun Undeadlift (Halloween 2014); Halloween SHiFT reward 2015; any location
Kiss of Death Maliwan Grenade Mod Home Sweet Home
(guaranteed from Moxxi's toy box)
Marek's Mouth Scav SMG Rabid Adams
Meat Grinder Scav SMG Meat Head
MINAC's Atonement Maliwan Laser Rose Tinting
Mining Laser Hyperion Laser Infinite Loop
Moonface Jakobs Shotgun Red, Then Dead
Moonscaper Torgue Shotgun SHiFT reward for players owning the Tales from the Borderlands season pass
Naught Tediore Shield SHiFT reward for players owning the Tales from the Borderlands season pass
Octo Tediore Shotgun Lab 19
Ol'Painful Vladof Assault Rifle Odjurymir (Christmas 2014 & 2015); any location
Ol' Rosie Maliwan Laser The Beginning of the End (True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode only)
Party Line Tediore Shotgun Reward option for Digistructed Madness: Round 4 and occasionally Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round.
Party Popper Scav Pistol h4X0rz
Plunkett Jakobs Sniper Rifle Reward option for Digistructed Madness: Round 5 and occasionally Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round
Probe Maliwan Pistol Torgue-o! Torgue-o!
(mission item)
Rapid Release Maliwan Shield Nova? No Problem!
(guaranteed from Janey Springs' chest)
Razorback Jakobs Sniper Rifle Home Delivery
Shield of Ages Hyperion Shield The Temple of Boom
Slammer Anshin Shield Home Sweet Home
(guaranteed from Moxxi's toy box)
Smasher Jakobs Pistol Loyalty reward to players who have save data from Borderlands 2
Snowball Tediore Grenade Mod Infinite Loop
Sunshine Dahl Shield To the Moon
Systems Purge Tediore Oz Kit Eradicate!
(CL4P-L3K destroyed)
T4s-R Hyperion Pistol Reward option for Digistructed Madness: Round 1 and occasionally Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round.
Tannis' Laser of Enlightenment Maliwan Laser The Temple of Boom
The Machine Vladof Sniper Rifle World Drop
Too Scoops Jakobs Shotgun Bunch of Ice Holes
Torguemada Torgue Shotgun Torgue-o! Torgue-o!
(Mr. Torgue)
Vandergraffen Tediore Laser Deadlift
Vibra-Pulse Maliwan Laser Home Sweet Home
(guaranteed from Moxxi's toy box)
Volt Thrower Tediore Rocket Launcher No Such Thing as a Free Launch mission reward
Wallop Jakobs Assault Rifle Guardian Hunter
(Master Poacher)
Wet Week Dahl Sniper Rifle Swagman or World Drop
Wombat Torgue Shotgun Zapped 3.0 mission reward
Zappinator Dahl Laser Zapped 1.0, Zapped 2.0, Zapped 3.0
(mission item)

Names and Locations (Borderlands 3)

Name Manufacturer Type Drop/Reward Location/Option
The Emperor's Condiment Maliwan SMG Skag Dog Days
Kevin's Chilly Maliwan SMG The Kevin Konundrum
E-Gone Maliwan SMG Cannonization
Vibra-Pulse Maliwan SMG Complete Crimson Radios
Crit Maliwan SMG Tipping Moxxi on Sanctuary III
Starkiller Maliwan Pistol Space-Laser Tag
Hyper-Hydrator Maliwan Pistol Borderlands 3 Season Pass or BL3 Super Deluxe edition
Soleki Protocol Maliwan Sniper Rifle Proof of Wife
Sellout Maliwan Pistol Sell Out
Cloud Kill Maliwan SMG Beneath the Meridian mission/ Talk to Ava
Ember's Purge Maliwan SMG Complete Pieces of Résistance mission
Kyb's Worth Maliwan SMG Wotan the Invincible
Tsunami Maliwan SMG Katagawa Ball
Vault Hero Maliwan SMG Claim 8 weapons from the Vault Insider Program
Vosk's Deathgrip Maliwan Shotgun Troy Calypso (or Mayhem 4 only from Wotan the Invincible / Valkyrie Squad)
Fungus Among Us Tediore Grenade Mod Witch's Brew
Chocolate Thunder Tediore Grenade Mod Just Desserts
The Boo + Tediore SMG Invasion of Privacy
Freeman Atlas Rocket Launcher Warden
Linc Atlas Pistol Anointed Alpha (Malevolent Practice)
Exterminator Atlas Grenade Mod Life of the Party (Break the piñata)
Peacemonger Atlas Pistol Ratch'd Up

Shrieking Devil

Maliwan Shotgun Random drop, increased chance from Blinding Banshee
ECHO-2 Tediore Grenade Mod Random drop


Jakobs Pistol Dump on Dumptruck
Dead Chamber Jakobs Pistol Malevolent Practice
Robo-Melter Masher Jakobs Pistol The Plan
Rogue Sight Jakobs Pistol Obtained from Clay during Going Rogue
Pa's Rifle Jakobs Assault Rifle The Homestead (Part 3)
Traitor's Death Jakobs Assault Rifle Going Rogue
Fingerbiter Jakobs Shotgun Side with Ramsden during On the Blood Path
The Hunt(er) Jakobs Sniper Rifle Wildlife Conservation
The Hunt(ed) Jakobs Sniper Rifle Random drop
The Ice Queen Jakobs Sniper Rifle Rare drop from Aurelia Hammerlock
Amazing Grace Jakobs Pistol Life of the Party
Bekah Jakobs Assault Rifle Complete all Legendary Hunts
Hand of Glory Jakobs Assault Rifle The Guns of Reliance
Extreme Hangin' Chadd COV Pistol Swamp Bro
The Killing Word COV Pistol Dropped by Mouthpiece
Brad Luck COV Assault Rifle One Man's Treasure
Agonizer 1500 COV Rocket Launcher Random drop, increased chance from Agonizer 9000
Hot Drop COV Rocket Launcher Random drop, increased chance from Hot Karl
Porta-Pooper 5000 COV Rocket Launcher Porta Prison
Pestilence COV Pistol Dropped by Heckle and Hyde or Atomic
Psycho Stabber COV Pistol Dropped by Borman Nates
Zheitsev's Eruption COV Assault Rifle Mayhem 4 only from Wotan the Invincible, Valkyrie Squad or Titan
SkekSil COV Pistol Skrakk
Omniloader Dahl Pistol The Family Jewel
Digby's Smooth Tube Dahl Assault Rifle Do it for Digby (Part 3)
Hail Dahl Assault Rifle Tipping Moxxi on Sanctuary III
Brashi's Dedication Dahl Sniper Rifle Head Case
Kenulox Dahl Sniper Rifle Transaction-Packed
Night Flyer Dahl Pistol I'm Rakkman
9-Volt Dahl SMG Killavolt
Crader's EM-P5 Dahl SMG Mayhem 4 only from Wotan the Invincible, Valkyrie Squad or Agonizer 9000
Hellfire Dahl SMG Kill Jabbermogwai with incendiary damage on Mayhem or True Vault Hunter modes
Good Juju Dahl Assault Rifle Mayhem 4 only from Wotan the Invincible, Valkyrie Squad or The Rampager
Just Kaus Hyperion SMG Given by Timothy Lawrence during The Handsome Jackpot
LOV3M4CH1N3 Hyperion SMG Baby Dancer
Redistributor Hyperion SMG The Impending Storm
Melt Facer Hyperion Shotgun Acid Trip
Null Pointer Hyperion Sniper Rifle Hostile Takeover
THE TWO TIME Hyperion Sniper Rifle ECHOnet Neutrality
Redistributor Hyperion SMG Dropped by Wotan the Invincible or Valkyrie Squad
Fearmonger Hyperion Shotgun Loot Ghosts or Captain Haunt during the Bloody Harvest event.
Tankman's Shield Hyperion Sniper Rifle Captain Traunt (or Mayhem 4 only from Wotan the Invincible / Valkyrie Squad
Bone Shredder Vladof Pistol Random drop, increased chance from Crushjaw
The Leech Vladof Pistol Taking Flight
Big Succ Vladof Assault Rifle Skag Dog Days
Cold Shoulder Vladof Sniper Rifle Hammerlocked
ION CANNON Vladof Rocket Launcher Fabricator
Mongol Vladof Rocket Launcher Currently unobtainable without third-party programs
Amber Management Torgue Assault Rifle Homeopathological
La Varlope Torgue Assault Rifle The Great Escape
Black Flame Torgue Shotgun Witch's Brew (mission item)
purchase from the Crazy Earl's Veteran Rewards Vendor in Sanctuary III
Chomper Torgue Shotgun The Demon in the Dark
Thumper Torgue Shotgun Random drop
Gettleburger Torgue Rocket Launcher Dynasty Diner
Girth Blaster Elite Torgue Pistol Borderlands 3 Deluxe or Super Deluxe edition
Scoville Torgue Pistol Complete the Torgue's Marketing Mistake challenges
Juliet's Dazzle Torgue Assault Rifle Mayhem 4 only from Wotan the Invincible, Valkyrie Squad or Aurelia Hammerlock
Tiggs' Boom Torgue Shotgun Dropped by Wotan the Invincible
Acid Burn Hyperion Grenade Mod Winners and Losers
NOG Potion 9 Vladof Grenade Mod Technical NOGout
Porcelain Pipe Bomb Torgue Grenade Mod Raiders of the Lost Rock mission reward
Whispering Ice Vladof Grenade Mod Lair of the Harpy
Diamond Butt Bomb Vladof Grenade Mod Borderlands 3 Season Pass or Super Deluxe edition
EMP Hyperion Grenade Mod Baron Noggin
Ultraball Torgue Grenade Mod Borderlands 3 Season Pass or Super Deluxe edition
Ghast Call Torgue Grenade Mod Random drop during the Bloody Harvest event, increased chance from Loot Ghosts
It's Piss Vladof Grenade Mod Dropped by Captain Thunk and Sloth
All-in Anshin Shield Regaining One's Feet
Double Downer Hyperion Shield Double Down
Ember's Blaze Hyperion Shield Playing with Fire
Golden Touch Pangolin Shield Golden Calves
Loop of 4N631 Hyperion Shield Childhood's End
Mendel's Multivitamin Hyperion Shield Holy Spirits
Moxxi's Embrace Anshin Shield Kill Killavolt
Mr Caffeine Shield Pangolin Shield Rise and Grind
MSRC Auto-Dispensary Hyperion Shield Healers and Dealers
Revengenader Pangolin Shield Random drop
Unpaler Pangolin Shield Side with Holder during On the Blood Path
Deluxe Badass Combustor Anshin Shield Borderlands 3 Deluxe or Super Deluxe edition
Frozen Heart Anshin Shield Dropped by Aurelia Hammerlock
Frozen Snowshoe Anshin Shield Dropped by Wotan the Invincible and Valkyrie Squad
Red Suit Pangolin Shield Angels and Speed Demons
Rico Anshin Shield All Bets Off
Scream of Terror Anshin Shield Random drop during the Bloody Harvest event
Version 0.m Anshin Shield Dropped by Wotan the Invincible and Valkyrie Squad

Names and Locations (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands)