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Unicornsplosion is an effervescent E-tech shotgun manufactured by Torgue. It can be obtained by feeding Butt Stallion in The Backburner while wearing the Mysterious Amulet.

Special Weapon Effects

A magnificent gift from a dear friend neither forgotten nor forsaken. – Fires a miniature Butt Stallion that explodes upon impact, spawning three smaller projectiles, which also explode on impact. Consumes 2 ammo per shot.

Usage & Description

The Unicornsplosion is a powerful weapon that deals explosive damage. The slow projectiles may cause difficulty in scoring direct hits beyond short range, but the MIRV effect on impact allows it to remain useful at longer distances. The slow projectiles can be remedied with skills such as Zer0's Vel0city and Maya's Accelerate.

It is possible to have the child unicorns hit the enemy directly on impact if aimed at the right spot, inflicting such damage that even some of the strongest enemies can be killed with a single hit. This damage is drastically increased when using the foregrip accessory, which adds two extra projectiles, tripling the damage.


  • The Unicornsplosion can spawn with any shotgun accessory but the prefix does not appear in the weapon's name.
  • If the Unicornsplosion spawns with the vertical grip accessory, it will fire 3 projectiles instead of one for no extra ammunition.
  • The child projectiles deal 70% card damage as splash damage. This damage can be further boosted with grenade damage bonuses. Kills with the child projectiles count as grenade kills and will advance the Pull the Pin challenge.
  • Absorb shields do not absorb the damage from the explosions.
  • The Unicornsplosion's effect is the same as the SWORDSPLOSION!!!.
  • The method of obtaining the Unicornsplosion is not affected by Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode resets. Wearing the amulet and feeding Butt Stallion again will not give another Unicorsplosion unless the amulet is a new one (i.e. one that has been purchased from Mr. Miz after the reset).


  • Butt Stallion's neighing and vomiting can be heard when the weapon is equipped, fired, or reloaded.
  • A fart noise can sometimes play when the weapon's zoom is used.