Unforgiven is a legendary revolver in Borderlands manufactured by Jakobs.

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Special Weapon Effects

It's a helluva thing... – +200% critical hit damage.

Usage & Description

In terms of sheer power, the Unforgiven is the most powerful revolver available on Pandora. However, it also has an extraordinarily low rate of fire and excessive amounts of recoil. Critical hit damage can be compared to even the strongest Sniper Rifles, as can the accuracy.

In a combat scenario, the Unforgiven takes raw skill to use effectively, especially when only equipped with the 2-round cylinder. It is possible to use the Unforgiven as a Sniper Rifle substitute if it spawns with a scope. But to use it in typical revolver fashion is difficult, but can be migitated with Mordecai's class mods that increases rate of fire of pistols. It should be noted that a missed critical hit in a low-health situation can be fatal to the user, as the delay between trigger pulls leaves a large window for enemies to exploit and retaliate. Use at close range is not advised to playstyles that don't favor accuracy.

Masher Variation

The Unforgiven sometimes spawns with a Masher accessory; a rare find, treasured by most Vault-hunters. It combines good accuracy, incredible fire power, the shotgun spread effect and, most importantly, phenomenal critical hit damage should all 7 projectiles hit their mark. Few enemies on Pandora, Badasses included, can survive a full critical hit from an Unforgiven Masher.

Bladed Unforgivens are also notable as the critical damage buff applies to the weapon's blade as well, allowing these Unforgivens to outstrip other bladed weapons.


The part the Unforgiven gets its effect from is the barrel5_Jakobs_Unforgiven barrel. It is based on barrel5. It packs more damage at the cost of fire rate and recoil. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel5_Jakobs_Unforgiven barrel5
Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Accuracy Minimum: -200%
Damage: +50%
Spread: -130%
Recoil: +50%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -70%
Critical Damage: +100%
Fire Rate: -26%
Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Accuracy Minimum: -150%
Damage: +15%
Spread: -130%
Recoil: -50%


  • All revolvers have a hidden +100% critical damage modifier. The Unforgiven's +100% brings the total critical damage up to +200%.
  • The only legitimate prefixes for the Unforgiven are Bloody, Brutal, Primal, Savage, and Stabilized.


  • The red text and gun name is a reference to the film Unforgiven, which has the quote "It's a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have".
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