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Undertaker is a pearlescent rocket launcher manufactured by Torgue in Borderlands.

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Special Weapon Effects

Take 'em UNDER. – Greatly increased magazine capacity, damage, and fire rate. Slightly increased blast radius.

Usage & Description

The Undertaker is a Rocket Launcher with an exceptionally powerful barrel. Undertakers are always 1-shot Rocket Launchers: They are never Helix, Burst-Fire or Spread. Apart from the barrel, the Undertaker has no specific part restrictions.

Overall, the Undertaker is simply much more powerful in every domain than most other Rocket Launchers: Damage, Fire Rate, Magazine Capacity and Blast Radius. Only the Redemption provides more damage per shot than the Undertaker, although the Undertaker consumes only one rocket per shot as opposed to four with the Redemption. The only time a different rocket launcher is desirable is when a specific effect is desired, like the Leviathan's arcing Rockets.

Brick being both the Rocket Launcher and explosive specialist can make excellent use of the Undertaker. Heavy Gunner Roland can also make an exceptionally good use of the Undertaker, shooting an uninterrupted flow of rockets at an alarming rate.

Drop Guide

The Undertaker has a chance to drop from Badass Rocketeers, Badass Infantry, Badass Bruisers, Drifters, and Skyscraper. Like all Pearlescents, the Undertaker can also be dropped from Crawmerax and found in Crimson Lance weapon chests.


  • The only legitimate prefix for the Undertaker is "Steel".


The Undertaker effect comes from the barrel2_TorgueUndertaker. This prevents the Undertaker from having any barrel special effects, such as Helix. The standard barrel2_2shot simply has no stat modification. The Undertaker is made of TorgueUndertaker_Material, which is the same as Material_Torgue_3, and explains why all Undertakers have the "Steel" prefix. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel2_TorgueUndertaker barrel2_2shot
Damage: +40%
Fire Rate: +75%
Clip Size: +6