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Under Taker is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Vaughn. It becomes available after Cult Following is complete. This unbelievable bastard stole Vaughn's undies!


"You need to go kill the Under Taker, because Vaughn's certainly not about to let his trademark Hyperion Redbars go without a fight."



  • Find Under Taker
  • Kill Under Taker


Under Taker can be found in a small camp just before the transition point to Ascension Bluff. He is armed with a powerful Shock Submachine Gun which can quickly deplete Vault Hunter's shield. He will dive into a trash pile and deploy a turret.

Although an Outrunner can not be driven into the camp, it can be placed on the road just a short distance away facing the camp entrance. From there, and using Outrunner's mounted weapons, it is possible to take down Under Taker with little to no danger.


Turn In: Vaughn


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