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Undead Ned is tough. Just when it seems the game is over, the Vault Hunters come face to face with the undead version of Dr. Ned. After defeating the normal Dr. Ned, drop down a series of shafts and tunnels leading underground, eventually coming to a huge cavern with a lake of blood. Once into the lake, Undead Ned appears and will attack.



  • Make note of the far left of the cavern where there is a pillar that can provide some cover from Undead Ned.
  • His melee attacks are very strong so its recommended to keep moving or "strafe" if he gets close.
  • Aim for the head and let loose. The Jakobs Skullmasher works wonders on his critical point.
  • Fire effects work the best against him and his undead minions that he will raise to attack.
  • He has a ranged attack that is similar to a Defiler's.
  • Proximity mines and Longbow grenades are handy while moving quickly.
  • Keep moving, hit hard and make good use of the action skill.
  • Undead Ned can be lured to one side of the spike outcropping in the lakebed. Simply run to the other side of the spikes, check to make sure he is running in place, and fire away.

Other Strategy: There is not an actual need to travel into the lake of blood to kill him. When going down the bloody chute to get to the lake, there is a small ledge (very small, do not move when using it) right before the small "beach" before the lake to land on. Simply stand here and get headshots on him with a Revolver or Combat Rifle. All he will do is stand there and make clawing motions, occasionally diving under then popping back up. He is very easy to kill this way.

If playing in split-screen or with two or more players, run a distraction scheme with one player shooting at the boss while the others fire away. If he goes after the characters who are firing, just switch positions. Players will also want to, if distracting him, occasionally turn around and fire at Undead Ned's head to anger him and get his attention. This works on other bosses as well.

Another strategy is with the Soldier. Have him stand on the ledge that is right before the lake of blood and that is impossible to jump back on after you jump down. Throw the turret down in front of the lake and Ned will swim towards it. Then, take easy shots on his body with SMG's and Combat Rifles being the good weapons to use.


  • "Hahaha, it's not over yet!"
  • "I didn't raise an army of undead to fight you alone!"
  • "Arise, my minions!"
  • "Two's company. We need a crowd."
  • "I need some help!"


  • The part of Undead Dr. Ned that is submerged below blood-level was not modeled. This can be verified by using Sledge's Shotgun and firing at an upward angle.
  • The music that plays when you fight him is the same music that plays while you fight The Destroyer.
  • Undead Dr. Ned has a completely different mustache than Dr. Ned. In addition to that, Undead Ned's mustache comes out of the holes in his skull where his nose would be, whereas Ned's mustache appeared to be taped on.
  • Interestingly, the exit out of Undead Dr. Ned's arena is a toilet shack in the middle of Jakob's Cove. However, it can't be used as the arena becomes inaccessible after Undead Dr. Ned has been defeated.