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Uncle Teddy is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Una Baha via the Fyrestone Bounty Board. She wants someone to find evidence that Hyperion stole weapon designs from her uncle T.K. so that she can sue them.



  • Head to Teddy's cabin
  • Open secret lab
  • Find evidence 0/6
  • Pick up TK's blueprint
  • Mail blueprints to Una
  • Mail blueprints to Hyperion


Upon reaching T.K. Baha's House, Una will make contact and say to look for a switch to get into her uncle's old lab. The chain on the ceiling fan inside the house opens a trap door leading down to the basement.

The evidence Una wants is stashed in one of the boxes. Opening all of them uncovers a series of ECHO logs chronicling T.K.'s story - how he came to Pandora, and his involvement with Hyperion. The last log is a message from Mr. Blake claiming Hyperion ownership of his weapon designs, and suggesting that he and his wife leave their home planet before Hyperion assassins reach them. Una will state that it's the evidence she needs and that she'll offer the first gun T.K. gave her.

Pulling the switch on the left side of the vending machine reveals the blueprints for T.K's Wave. Upon claiming them, a Hyperion representative will make contact, countering Una's offer with a Hyperion offer. Mailing the blueprints to Hyperion via the mailbox by the Boneyard connection awards the Tidal Wave for the mission, while mailing the blueprints to Una at the bounty board awards the Lady Fist.


"You uncovered the history of TK Baha - gone but not forgotten."

Turn In: Hyperion Mailbox or Una


  • The ECHO recorders will only spawn if the loot containers are opened in the correct order. Otherwise, they can be unobtainable as the objects will not reset, effectively softlocking the mission.
  • Mission Items:
    • ECHO Recorder - "An old ECHO recorder belonging to Una's uncle, Teddy."
    • TK's Blueprint - "A blueprint of "TK's Wave," an experimental shotgun designed by Una's uncle, Teddy."


  • During the mission, Hyperion offers a bribe of a "fine Hyperion armament". Ironically, Una will offer the Lady Fist, which is a Hyperion pistol, while Hyperion offers the Tidal Wave, which is a Jakobs shotgun.

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