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Ultimate Badass Varkids are insectoid enemies found in various locations in Borderlands 2. These huge mosquito-like Varkids are the final step in the varkid evolution chain before Vermivorous the Invincible.



Ultimate Badass Varkids have large wings which allows them to take to the air and rain down spit on their enemies or move to different locations. Their attacks include a volley of 6-8 suicide varkids and a spit attack with three or four globs per attack.


  • Ultimate Badass Varkids have a slightly increased chance to drop the Quasar grenade mod.


  • The Borderlands 2 guide hints at the possible transformation of these into Vermivorous by saying these have been covered by rumors which has not been proven yet due to the lack of reliable sources foolhardy enough to study Varkid evolution that far.