Tyrone Smallums is one of the underbosses of the Eridium Cartel and one of the ringleaders of the Purpatrators Gang.



Tyrone, much like his other tiny subordinates, will be noticeably smaller than other members of the Eridium Cartel, using his small size and agility to his advantage. For the most part, Tyrone will behave a lot like a Badass Trooper, dual wielding Maliwan Pistols and donning a thick shield for protection. Uniquely, however, is his ability to conjure two identical holo-clones of himself, named Ty-clones, to help misdirect and harass his enemies. Another trick he has is the ability to grow larger, into Tyrone Embiggums, and become a greater threat, dealing more damage and conjuring similarly sized Ty-clones to defend him before he shrinks down again once he takes enough damage.

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