Tyreen Calypso is the main antagonist of Borderlands 3 and one of the two leaders of the Children of the Vault, alongside her brother Troy. She is one of the Sirens, a group of people with unbelievable powers.


Tyreen was born the daughter of Typhon DeLeon, the first Vault Hunter, as well as and the twin of Troy Calypso.


Tyreen is the primary antagonist of Borderlands 3. Initially referenced as a "god queen" by the Children of the Vault she soon becomes aware of the new Vault Hunters hunting for the same Vault key she herself seeks to master and takes a more personal interest in their movements. At first she merely joins with her brother in heckling and taunting the Vault Hunters, setting the Children of the Vault against them in increasingly aggressive actions. Eventually she takes direct action, using Siren powers augmented by the power of others, to dominate and destroy.



  • I'm the Siren, he's just a parasite. Literally. When we were born, our father had to cut him off me. Now I'm the only thing keeping him alive.
  • I can leech the power from any living thing. Even you, Firehawk.
  • What is up, brothers and sisters? God queen Tyreen coming to you live. We got something real special for you today: your number one most requested murder. It's the great heretic herself, the Firehawk!
  • Our path to the great Vault has been revealed. Next stop: Promethea.
  • Don't forget to like, follow, and obey.


  • Tyreen apparently has the ability to taste that which she leeches the life from. This is most notably when the Vault Hunters fight alongside Brick and she states, "Your dumbass friend looks delicious!", as well as when she says she'll have a couple of Tinks, describing them as "popcorn shrimp, but screamier."
  • The remains of that at which she "leeches" form a "life like statues", covered in Eridium like crystals. These are referred to as husks in the game.
  • Why Sirens at which Tyreen (or Troy) leeches do not leave such husks is unknown.



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