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Tyrant of Instinct is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


Tyrant of Instinct is a unique Tyrant-class Saurian found in the Wayward Tether where the Trial of Instinct takes place.



  • The Tyrant can be charged with any of the 5 elements, this will affect its guns on the side of its face, the cannon on its head, and what blobs it shoots into the sky.
  • The Tyrant of Instinct has the following attacks:
    • Face Guns - used at range, imbued with whatever element it has.
    • Flame breath / Elemental spew - sprays a spread of fire that stays on the ground. Uses the cannon on the top of its head to shoot balls of its element around the fire.
    • Elemental blobs - launches 3 massive blobs of the given element into the air toward the Vault Hunter, leaving massive puddles.
    • Charge - turns its head sideways and charges at the Vault Hunter.
    • Bite - close-range attack.
  • During the second phase, it becomes resistant to the element that it is imbued with.
  • Some of the elemental combinations have devastating results such as radiation and fire.