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Typhon is a non-respawning boss in the mission This Bitch is Payback, a side mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. He can be found at the northern roadblock installation on The Ridgeway.



Typhon is a Lance Defender with Master McCloud's head model and greatly increased health. He dishes out a substantial amount of damage, wielding the Typhoon unique submachine gun in one hand, and a ballistic shield in the other. The three or so Lance Troopers that come up the elevator behind him only make matters worse. The best way to deal with Typhon is to throw a grenade with some sort of elemental grenade mod (Shock is recommended for shield damage, but anything elemental works well), and when his strong shields are gone, hit him with Corrosive weapons to circumvent his heavy riot shield and body armor.

Another option is to use a Monster and not even leave the roadway until he is dead. Typhon is present on the map as soon as his associated mission is accepted, whereas his guards only spawn when he is approached; he can be bombarded by the driver even though there is no line of sight. Missiles can be lobbed over the wall to home in on him and eliminate him easily. Without Typhon filling the air with bouncing bullets, his bodyguards are much easier to dispatch, should players wish to claim his unique SMG afterwards.


  • Typhon drops the Typhoon when killed.
  • For some reason, Typhon does not have enhanced health and is no more durable than a normal Lance Defender, other than being guaranteed to have an energy shield equipped.


  • Typhon is the name of, arguably, the most dangerous monster in Greek mythology.
  • Typhon is the only Lance Defender to carry an SMG. Other Lance Defenders use pistols.
  • When Typhon first ascends on his elevator, it is possible for him to slip through a crack in the elevator and become stuck, preventing the mission from proceeding further. This can also happen to the Lance Infantry who accompany him.