Turtle Shields are a common shield type manufactured by Pangolin. The Turtle Shield is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

A Turtle Shield has high capacity for its level, but also reduces the user's maximum health. The shield recharge rate is lower than other shield types. Turtle Shields may offer resistance or immunity to elemental damage.

At higher rarity levels, Turtle Shields offer faster recharge rates and lower penalties to maximum health.


  • Most Overpowered variants of the unique Turtle shields will be effectively unusable past Overpowered level 1 or 2 (level 73 or 74). The maximum health reduction on these shields increases as the OP level does while the wearer's maximum health does not, to the point where equipping one will reduce the wearer's maximum health to one. However, most OP8 Turtle Shields will still function perfectly.
  • Turtle Shields work extremely well with Nisha, as the lesser max health can work well with gaining stacks of Order from taking damage. The high capacity also works well with her Bottled Courage skill, which can instantly regain a percentage of shield capacity when activating Showdown as well as granting a buff to shield recharge rate and delay whilst it is in the process of cooling down.
  • Turtle Shields synergise very well with Axton, because his Willing, Healthy, and Pressure skills compensate for the delay and health penalties.
  • Health reduction is calculated before percentage-based health bonuses (e.g. from skills, relics, badass ranks) are added. Thus, even if the vault hunter's overall health is higher than the shield's health reduction, it will still be reduced to 1 if their base health is lower.


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