Turn Tail and Run is a tier 3 passive skill in FL4K's Stalker skill tree. This skill gives FL4K health regeneration and damage reduction while they are moving, and increased gun damage and fire rate while they are not moving.


  • Damage Reduction While Moving: average +5.8% per rank
  • Health Regeneration While Moving: 0.3% of Max Health per second per rank
  • Gun Damage While Still: +8.3(+8.4)% per rank
  • Fire Rate While Still: +4.0% per rank

Rank 1 2 3
Damage Reduction While Moving +6.5% +12.3% +17.4%
Health Regeneration While Moving 0.3% 0.6% 0.9%
Gun Damage While Still +8.3% +16.7% +25.0%
Fire Rate While Still +4.0% +8.0% +12.0%


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