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The Turf Thresher is the largest of the standard threshers. Turf threshers appear to have manes, possibly made of vegetation or fungus.



Turf Threshers, upon engaging in combat will primarily attack once by slamming their tentacles onto the ground right after emerging near an enemy. The slam creates a shockwave that deals moderate damage and causes a heavy knockback which heavily interrupts the player's screen. After the slam attack, Turf Threshers can use their tentacles to whip at any nearby enemies. Turf Threshers sport an extra set of tentacles, which will randomly pick an optimal spot to emerge out of and throw spikes at nearby enemies. Coming close to the tentacles will cause them to whip rapidly at the character. Fighting a Turf Thresher can be quite difficult - however, their extra tentacles are easy targets in case the character goes into Fight For Your Life. Each tentacle can be killed individually. Turf Threshers also continuously emit a strange sound, similar to a fire alarm, whenever they engage in combat. At long range, Turf Threshers will fling spikes with their tentacles just like any other Thresher.