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A Truxican Wrestler is a type of Loot Midget in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. They are small melee attackers with an oversized glove on their right hands. The Truxican Wrestler will emerge from one of the first few lockers in Lockdown Palace.



Truxican Wrestlers will launch out of lockers when freed and close to melee attack range. Their punches deliver a powerful knockback effect that will launch a character away when they connect. Truxican Wrestlers are also known to pause between attacks when they are some distance away, which can occur fairly regularly when they knock a target well clear.

Shooting the head of a Truxican Wrestler will yield critical hits. Incendiary attacks are very effective, since like most occupants of Lockdown Palace, the Wrestler lacks a shield. Keeping well clear of a Truxican Wrestler will reduce the effects of being knocked around and avoid their melee damage.


  • The Truxican Wrestler will emerge from one of the first few lockers in Lockdown Palace. If Vault Hunters proceed far through Lockdown Palace, they may encounter another Truxican Wrestler. The second midget can appear from a locker in one of two places: either between the laundry room and the encounter with Chaz, or else at the entrance to the Palace, near the first midget.
  • Killing a Truxican Wrestler is one of the objectives needed to obtain the Sneaky Little Buggers achievement.
  • The Truxican Wrestler can sometimes get stuck in his locker. He won't be able to move and can only attack if a character gets very close to him.
  • The Truxican Wrestler has a chance to drop the Truxican Wrestler Class Mod for Mordecai when killed.
  • When the second Wrestler spawns, additional lockers will appear at the Palace entrance near the first Wrestler's spawn point. Some of these lockers will adjoin or overlay previously existing lockers, even already opened ones. These new lockers may or may not house the second midget, which may instead appear in a locker in the laundry room.


  • The name Truxican was originally the Mexican Wrestler until a developer pointed out the game took place on the fictional planet of Pandora, not on Earth, so a name change was in order. Its intentional Mexican reference remains unchanged.
  • Mordecai is thought to look like a Truxican wrestler as Marcus Kincaid kindly points out at the beginning while players select a new character. There is also a Truxican Wrestler class mod in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx that can boost Mordecai's effectiveness with melee combat.
    • The Truxican Wrestler appears to be a scaled-down and brightly-colored version of Mordecai's original character model; an obvious hint to Marcus' comment made at the start of the game.