The message which appears upon Normal Mode completion in Borderlands 2.

True Vault Hunter Mode is a game mode available to players once the Borderlands 2 story has been completed on Normal Mode. True Vault Hunter Mode is a mode whereby players can replay the campaign on a more difficult setting retaining all of their skills, Levels, XP, guns and equipment. Player will be offered to replay the campaign in True Vault Hunter Mode after completing the final mission and seeing the credits role.


True Vault Hunter Mode poses a new challenge players and offers a more realistic experience in which some factors of the game have been modified to pose a greater difficulty. Some of differences in True Vault Hunter Mode as opposed to Normal mode are:

  1. Increased Enemy Health: Foes will have far more health than they would in Normal mode, even if the enemy is of the same level as the character. Proportionally the enemies health will be greater.
  2. More Badasses: Badass variants of common enemies are more frequent in True Vault Hunter Mode, which in-turn makes combat more challenging.
  3. New Enemies: Due to the rise in difficulty in True Vault Hunter Mode some of the Normal mode enemies have been renamed and have become tougher variants of their prior selves. An example of this is the psycho, which in True Vault Hunter Mode can appear as an Armored Maniac.
  4. Better Loot: Due to the nature of difficulty increase and the fact the game becomes more difficult, in True Vault Hunter Mode there is a higher chance of enemies dropping better loot and chest also will contain better loot.
  5. Better Loot more frequently: Enemies in True Vault Hunter Mode will be have a higher percentage chance of dropping better loot as they have more health and are more difficult to defeat.
  6. More XP from missions: In True Vault Hunter Mode the player will gain substantially more XP from missions than they would do in normal mode.

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