Troy Calypso is the secondary antagonist of Borderlands 3 and one of the two leaders of the Children of the Vault, alongside his sister Tyreen. Troy is an oddity in the series, as he is a male Siren, the only one known to have ever existed. His Siren powers were stunted due to him developing as a parasitic twin.

Troy is incredibly cruel and sadistic, much like his sister. Much of this sadism is drowned within an air of cocky overconfidence. Troy tends to behave as if everything is a game, and often doesn't take threats very seriously. This is most prevalent during his boss fight, wherein he constantly insults the Vault Hunter, even as his health drops dangerously low, all the while ignoring Tyreen's pained cries and goading her into continuing in spite.


Troy was born on the Eridian homeworld of Nekrotafeyo as the son of Typhon DeLeon and Leda. He was born as the parasitic twin of his sister Tyreen, meaning he was less developed, and was born attached to her. Due to his sister being born a Siren, her status was transferred over to him, thus becoming a Siren by proxy.

At some point during their childhood, the two were surgically separated. Troy was given a prosthetic right arm and also began depending on his sister to survive.

Typhon's steady stream of stories about vault hunting filled Troy and Tyreen's heads with ideas, causing them to leave the safe haven of Nekrotafeyo and seek their fame and fortune. The two of them would begin preying upon the damaged minds of Pandorans by broadcasting senseless murders they committed across the ECHOnet, gaining a literal cult following as a result, forming the Children of the Vault.


When Tyreen was draining Lilith of her Siren powers, Troy persuaded her to stop, much to her annoyance. He reminded her that they needed to go to Katagawa Jr. to see if he would honor his promise to them, and that she let her followers deal with her.

When the new Vault Hunters defeated The Rampager, Troy and Tyleen arrived after they had just finished looting the Vault of the Rampager. Tyreen expressed excitement at the Vault Hunters leaving The Ramapger's corpse intact and proclaimed that she would be a god, to which he corrected her that they would be gods. He did not appear to pick up the fact that she intended to betray him further on.

Troy then explained to the Vault Hunters and Ava that the monsters that came out of the Vaults were the source of its power; they were not guardians. Tyreen took Ava hostage, prompting Maya to do the same to Troy and demand she release Ava. Tyreen complied, but Troy managed to get a grip on Maya and immediately drained her powers, killing her. Ava then attempted to pull a submachine gun on him, but he used his newfound powers to phaselock her. Tyreen expressed surprise as she believed that he could only leech off of her, and he admitted that he was just as surprised too. Having acquired what they came for, Troy sarcastically told Ava to call him if she ever became a Siren.

The Vault Hunters arrived on Eden-6 to open its Vault. They defeated its guardian, The Graveward. Aware the twins were trying to get the Vault Hunters to do their dirty work, Patricia Tannis used her powers and scientific knowledge to nullify the Graveward's power. Both the twins were disgusted by this, Troy stating that it was "totally uncalled for".

Tyreen then attempts to open the Great Vault. The Vault Hunters attempt to stop her, but Troy defends her from their attack. Despite his Siren powers, he eventually dies. Ava touches him to see if he is still alive, gaining most of his powers in the process. Tyreen acknowledges his sacrifice and promises to continue their work together as she takes what little power is left.



  • Alright, let's get out of here. I wanna see if Katagawa's good on his word. Leave the scraps to the dogs.


  • As a Siren, Troy also owns the characteristic wings and tattoos emblematic of Sirens in the series. However, due to the unlikely circumstances that resulted in him being a male Siren, Troy has some noteworthy differences from his contemporaries. His tattoos are naturally red as opposed to blue, and take on a much more flayed and violent shape as opposed to the more focused, swooping shapes of the other Sirens. His wings are among the largest of the sirens seen thus far, and take on a more demonic/draconic shape with a deep red colour as opposed to the bright flames exhibited by other sirens.


  • As mentioned in an ECHO log found on Eden-6, it is believed Troy was briefly involved in a romance with Aurelia, the sister of Sir Hammerlock.


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