Trinkets are cosmetic items available in Borderlands 3 that are applied from weapons. They are earned through completion of quests, exploration, or killing bosses. They offer no additional bonuses to weapons and are purely cosmetic.

Trinkets are applied to weapons in the inventory menu. A small box is located to the left of each weapon slot. Clicking on the box will display all owned trinkets which can then be applied. Trinkets can be applied to more than one weapon at a time. As with other itmes, they are available in

BL3 Born To Kill Trinket Born To Kill BL3 Rhy's Piece Trinket Rhys's Piece
Choose to shave Rhy's mustache in Atlas, At Last
BL3 Frakkin' Toaster Trinket Frakkin's Toaster BL3 Book of the Storm Trinket Book of the Storm
BL3 Vault Insider VIP Trinket Vault Insider VIP
Awarded for being a member of the Vault Insider Program
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