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"H Marks the Spot" trinket hanging on a Wagon Wheel.

The same trinket in first person.

Trinkets are cosmetic items introduced in Borderlands 3 that are applied to weapons. They appear as keychains which hang off a weapon, and are earned through completion of quests, challenges, or any suitable loot source, with some available only through cosmetic DLC packs or seasonal events. They offer no additional bonuses to weapons and are purely cosmetic.

The position and size of a trinket is dependent on the weapon it is equipped on. Most weapons will have a small trinket hanging by the bottom left of the gun, though Hyperion shotguns in particular have large trinkets that hang directly in front of their ammo count screen.

Trinkets are applied to weapons in the inventory menu. A small box is located to the left of each weapon slot. Clicking on the box will display all owned trinkets which can then be applied. Each weapon slot can equip a single trinket, which will then be shown on any weapon equipped in that respective slot. There is no restriction to how many times a trinket can be used; a single trinket can be applied in all slots if wanted.

The Loot Boxer slot machine (the one closest to the door in Moxxi's bar on Sanctuary III) will drop trinkets when landing on three "middle finger" icons. Any suitable world drop trinkets can drop from this machine (i.e. not the ones purchased from Earl or given as mission rewards).

Unlockable Trinkets (Main Game)

These trinkets are unlockable in the Borderlands 3's main game through quests, challenges, Crazy Earl's Eridium shop, or as drops from any suitable loot source.

Leg cloak and swagger.jpg
Cloak and Swagger

Handsome Jack's pocket watch.

Leg h marks the spot.jpg
H Marks the Spot

The Helios moonbase.

Leg jacks off.jpg
Jack's Off

Handsome Jack's mask.

Leg stink eye.jpg
Stink Eye

An eyeball with a Maliwan "M".

Leg just in case.jpg
Just In Case

A scotch tape dispenser.

  • World Drop
Leg sirens mark.jpg
Siren's Mark

The tattoo pattern on Lilith's chest.

  • World Drop
Epic book.jpg
Book of the Storm

A book resembling the Class mod of Maya.

Epic hat trick.jpg
Hat Trick

Mad Moxxi's top hat.

  • Crimson Radio Challenge Reward
Epic anarchic.jpg

A symbol seen on the front of Gaige's clothes. The name references the skill Anarchy.

Epic guardian.jpg
Guardian's Lament

A guardian's face.

Epic lastride.jpg
Last Ride

Catch-A-Ride logo.

Epic null.jpg
Null and Void

Zer0's Decepti0n logo.

Epic godking.jpg
God King's Bling

The necklace of Troy Calypso.

  • World Drop
Epic hunter.jpg
Hunter's Patch

A vault symbol.

  • World Drop
Epic lil chomper.jpg
Lil' Chomper

Appears to be a Skag Pup's head.

  • World Drop
Rare rhys piece.jpg
Rhys's Piece

Rhys' "siege mustache".

  • Given as a reward if the player chooses to shave Rhys' mustache in Atlas, At Last
Rare buckleup.jpg
Buckle Up

A stylized "A" from the Atlas logo, seen on Rhys' belt.

Rare earnyourstripes.jpg
Earn Your Stripes

Mad Moxxi's striped socks.

  • Crimson Radio Challenge Reward
Rare queenofhearts.jpg
Queen of Hearts

A queen of hearts card.

  • Crimson Radio Challenge Reward
Rare beastbowl.jpg
Beast Bowl

FL4K's feeding bowl, seen hanging on their bag.

Rare goodnightkiss.jpg
Goodnight Kiss

The sign on Moxxi's tipping jar.

Rare kaboombunny.jpg
Kaboom Bunny

Tina's "badonkadonk".

Rare signofthehawk.jpg
Sign of the Hawk

The sign of the Firehawk.

Rare frakkin toaster.jpg
Frakkin' Toaster

A toaster with two pieces of toast in it.

  • World Drop
Rare adaptandovercome.jpg
Adapt and Overcome

Anshin logo.

  • World Drop
Rare explosivesenthusiast.jpg
Explosives Enthusiast

Torgue logo.

  • World Drop
Rare itsybitsyrakkhive.jpg
Itsy Bitsy Rakky Hive

A Rakk Hive.

  • Obtained as a reward for Lets Get it Vaughn Side mission In Carnivora
Rare oneshot.jpg
One Shot

Jakobs logo.

  • World Drop
Rare switchhitter.jpg
Switch Hitter

Maliwan logo.

  • World Drop
Rare trackanddestroy.jpg
Track and Destroy

Atlas logo.

  • World Drop
Rare turtleup.jpg
Turtle Up

Pangolin logo.

  • World Drop
Rare whenindoubt.jpg
When in Doubt, Chuck It

Tediore logo.

  • World Drop
Rare whoneedsgods.jpg
Who Needs Gods?

Vladof logo.

  • World Drop
Unc elliespowerflower.jpg
Ellie's Power Flower

A logo commonly seen around Ellie's garage.

Unc noyourecrazy.jpg
No, You're Crazy

A Psycho's head.

Unc supergeneralclaptrap.jpg
Super General Claptrap

A miniature Claptrap.

Unc born to kill.jpg
Born To Kill

A rainbow-colored peace symbol.

  • World Drop
Unc deadeyedecal.jpg
Deadeye Decal

The B-Team's logo (Tina, Brick and Mordecai).

  • Obtained as a reward for Boom Boom Boomtown side mission in Devils Razor
Com actionaxton.jpg
Action Axton

The shoulder patch on Axton's uniform.

Com dedicationtocapitalism.jpg
Dedication to Capitalism

Logo of Marcus Munitions.

Com hoopsanddreams.jpg
Hoops and Dreams

A pair of earrings.

Com splorghuld.jpg
Splorghuld, the Flesh-Slayer

The fish ridden by Tannis during the Fun with barrels easter egg.

Drop It.png
Drop It

A Maliwan Drop Ship.

Unlockable Trinkets (DLC)

The main story DLC also includes additional trinkets which can be unlocked, which will be detailed here as new DLC is released.

Leg nothing gold.jpg
Nothing Gold Can Stay

A golden Handsome Jack mask.

Rare slot shot.jpg
Slot Shot

A slot machine mimic.


A miniature Nibblenomicon.

Vapor Hoodlum.png
Vapor Hoodlum

A golden gear with a robotic arm doing a thumbs up.

Tactical Tentacle.png
Tactical Tentacle

A tentacle.

Cosmetic DLC Trinkets

These trinkets are available through purchase of cosmetic DLC packs, most of which were also included in the Borderlands 3 Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions.

Leg for funsies.jpg
For Funsies

A golden gun.

  • Toy Box Weapon Pack (included in Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions)
Leg neon skelly.jpg
Neon Skelly

A glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

  • Neon Cosmetic Pack (included in Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions)
Leg gold tier.jpg
Gold Tier

A golden coin with the vault symbol.

  • Gold Weapon Skins Pack (included with pre-order)
Leg gearbox fan.jpg
Gearbox Fan

Gearbox logo.

  • Gearbox Cosmetic Pack (included in Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions)
Leg diamond ponytail.jpg
Diamond Ponytail

Butt Stallion's tail.

  • Butt Stallion Pack (included in Super Deluxe edition or Season Pass)

Special Event Trinkets

These trinkets are unlockable through special events like Bloody Harvest.

Leg vault insider.jpg
Vault Insider VIP

A vault symbol with "VIP" written on it.

  • Awarded for being a member of the Vault Insider Program
Leg mercenary day.jpg
Mercenary Day Ornament

A (very) sharp candy cane.

  • Redeemed via SHiFT code during "Gifts of Mayhem" promotion for Mercenary Day (Dec 16, 2019 - Jan 10, 2020).
Epic caster blaster.jpg
Caster Blaster

A purple TV with the vault symbol on it.

  • Included as a reward for linking a Twitch Prime account to SHiFT (available Dec 27, 2019 - May 14, 2020).
Rare shrunk.jpg
Shrunk 'n Dead

A shrunken head.

  • Reward for the Bloody Harvest seasonal event (Oct 24 - Dec 5, 2019). Complete any 4 of 15 event challenges.
Cosmic Romance
  • Reward for the Broken Hearts Day seasonal event (Feb 13 - Feb 20, 2020) by shooting 25 hearts

Unobtainable Trinkets

These trinkets have not yet been found in-game. They may be bugged, very rare, non-existent, or removed before release.

Unk amarasfist.jpg
Amara's Fist
  • Shown during a behind the scenes event pre-release
Unk guardianeye.jpg
Guardian Eyeball
  • Shown during a behind the scenes event pre-release
Hyperion Logo
  • Missing from the set of other manufacturer logos
Dahl Logo
  • Missing from the set of other manufacturer logos