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Trick or Treat is the only optional mission in T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest given by Zombie T.K. Baha. It becomes available after The Bloody Harvest is complete.



  • Collect brain candy: 0/5
  • Bring candy to T.K.


First candy is located in a vehicle submerged in lava just before the entrance to The Pumpkin Patch. There is a path leading down to the vehicle.

Second candy can be found in a nest sitting atop one of the pipes drenching The Pumpkin Patch with blood. Walking down the partially collapsed wooden walkway connecting two parts of the Hallowed Hollow Farms, a large reservoir can be seen to the right just before the walkway ends. Dropping down onto the reservoir and following the pipe going out of it, will lead to the nest with candy.

Behind Church of the Dead, there is a tree where a skeleton with a candy is hanging on a rope. Candy can be acquired either by jumping and meleeing the skeleton or simply shooting at it until candy falls down on the ground.

On the western side of a wooden platform and just before the collapsed bridge in The Lava Bluff, there are ladders leading down to some houses precariously hanging over the lava river. Candy can be found on a porch of the last house.

Running through the collapsed bridge from The Lava Bluff side and jumping on top of the bridge on the other side leads to the last candy.


"Gathering candy is a bit dangerous around here."

Turn In: Zombie T.K. Baha


  • After completing and turning in the mission, glowing text reading "TRICK OR TREAT" can be seen on the Helios station.