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Bronze Trophy / 15G

Achievement Description: Get an item from Michael Mamaril.

Michael Mamaril is a fellow NPC Vault Hunter who will offer a random high-quality item to help in the current endeavour.


Every time the game is loaded, Michael has a chance to spawn in one of the following ten locations in Sanctuary:

  • Near the newsstand in Sanctuary's main plaza
  • In an alley down the street from the front entrance to Moxxi's
  • Inside Moxxi's, near the bar
  • Inside Moxxi's, in the side room across from Sir Hammerlock
  • In Marcus' weapons shop
  • Near Claptrap's location, at the end of the street and in front of a building
  • Inside Scooter's garage, near a stack of tires (if facing from the garage doors to the left and under the stairs)
  • Inside Crimson Raider headquarters in the room with Tannis (to the right of the stairs to the second level)
  • Inside Zed's clinic (to the left of Zed)
  • To the left of the door to Crazy Earl's Black Market

Note: Michael has a 10% chance to appear.


  • Michael Mamaril is based on a real-life person who died at the age of 22. His friend wrote to Gearbox, asking them to do a eulogy using the voice of Claptrap. Gearbox not only fulfilled his request but also added Michael as a character in Borderlands 2.