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Trial of Survival is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It can be picked up from the Overseer in the Gradient of Dawn.

Prove yourself worthy by surviving the challenges that await you in the Trial of Survival.
— In-game description



  • Enter Trial
    • Kill All Enemies
    • Continue Trial
    • Defeat Boss
    • Complete Trial without dying (optional)
    • Find Fallen Guardian (optional)
    • Kill boss with 25:00 remaining (optional)
    • Kill boss with 20:00 remaining (optional)


The Trial of Survival is inhabited mostly by animal-like enemies, including spiderants, varkids, and skags. Most of the enemies will be flesh based, however, some badass variants can be armoured. There is a single shielded enemy: the Fallen Guardian. It is worth noting that the Skag of Survival that is fought at the end of the mission can be charged with two elemental powers and immunities. Thus it is important to bring either a wide array of elemental weapons or a non-elemental gun.

TVHM Mayhem 10 Spawn information:

  • The map is divided into 5 sections. The first section has the quest giver and some vending machines.
  • The second is inhabited by spiderants and varkids. This section will always start with 3 spiderants. Mid-way through the round, an elementally charged badass varkid will spawn, along with two spiderant royals. The section will always end with a spiderant matriarch.
  • The third always starts with a varkids spawning very close to the player. Two things can happen next. The next enemies that appear will be a varkid larva and a flanking skag, or a badass varkid which jumps from on top of the building on the right. Regardless of which scenario happens, two skags will then crawl from under the metal structure along with three skags from inside the structure. Skags and the occasional varkid will continue to spawn rapidly, mostly from the left side of the area. Two badass skags that appear from the right side of the exit to the fourth area will usually signal the end of the round.
  • The fourth area always begins with varkids trickling out from the right side. Skags will then start popping out of holes on the central river. The battle then shifts to the left side with two or three spiderants crawling onto the cliff overlooking the battlefield. When most of the enemies have been cleared, a spiderant emperor will spawn right next to the exit. Afterwards, eight larval varkids will spawn at either the far left or far right of the arena. They are the last enemies of the area.
  • The final drop-down section features the mission boss. It starts off being charged with a random elemental power that confers both attack modifiers and an immunity. After being felled once, it gains a second elemental boon. A few skags and a couple flying enemies will spawn to provide players with chances at a second wind after being crippled. The adds will not re-spawn after a certain point however.


Turn In: Overseer


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Mission Acquisition

The mission leading to Trial of Survival is acquired from the Eridian Lodestar in Devil's Razor.

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