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Trial of Instinct is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It can be picked up from the Overseer in the Wayward Tether.

Prove yourself worthy by surviving the challenges that await you in the Trial of Instinct.
— In-game description



  • Enter Trial
    • Kill All Enemies
    • Continue Trial
    • Defeat Boss
    • Complete Trial without dying (optional)
    • Find Fallen Guardian (optional)
    • Kill boss with 17:00 remaining (optional)
    • Kill boss with 15:00 remaining (optional)



Turn In: Overseer


  • At this time, some of the optional goals are bugged. Killing the boss with 20-24 minutes remaining only clears the Kill boss with 17:00 remaining optional objective. Killing the boss with 17-20 minutes remaining clears none of the Kill boss with XX:00 remaining optional objectives.

Mission Acquisition

The mission leading to Trial of Instinct is acquired from the Eridian Lodestar in Floodmoor Basin.

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