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Trial of Discipline is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It can be picked up from the Overseer in the Precipice Anchor.

Prove yourself worthy by surviving the challenges that await you in the Trial of Discipline.
— In-game description



  • Enter Trial
    • Kill All Enemies
    • Continue Trial
    • Defeat Boss
    • Complete Trial without dying (optional)
    • Find Fallen Guardian (optional)
    • Kill boss with 17:00 remaining (optional)
    • Kill boss with 15:00 remaining (optional)


The boss for the Trial of Discipline is the Arbalest of Discipline. The Arbalest uses the following attacks:

  • Single missile attack:
    • The Arbalest will fire a single missile from its handheld launcher.
    • The missile has a mildly erratic path, but overall it doesn't stray too far from a reference line.
    • The splash radius for the missile seems fairly small.
  • Missile barrage attack:
    • The Arbalest levitates above the ground for a few seconds, then it unleashes a barrage of missiles from its shoulder mounted launchers.
    • There will be a visible indicator showing where the missiles will land.
    • The missiles follow a somewhat parabolic path. If the character stands too far behind cover, the missiles will arc over the obstruction and land on them.
    • Immediately after the missile barrage has ended, the Arbalest's midsection will open, exposing the core for a few seconds. The core is a critical hit point.
  • Melee attack:
    • The Arbalest will dash forward and strike the player with its handheld weapon.
    • This is a fairly strong attack that tends to health-gate characters.

The Arbalest of Discipline is an armored enemy (yellow health bar). As such, it is more susceptible to corrosive and cryo damage while being resistant to all other forms of damage (see Elemental Damage for detailed percentages).


Turn In: Overseer


  • At this time, some of the optional goals are bugged. Killing the boss with 20-24 minutes remaining only clears the Kill boss with 17:00 remaining optional objective. Killing the boss with 17-20 minutes remaining clears none of the Kill boss with XX:00 remaining optional objectives.

Mission Acquisition

The mission leading to Trial of Discipline is acquired from the Eridian Lodestar in Meridian Outskirts.

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