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Trial of Cunning is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It can be picked up from the Overseer in the Ghostlight Beacon.

Prove yourself worthy by surviving the challenges that await you in the Trial of Cunning.
— In-game description



  • Enter Trial
    • Kill All Enemies
    • Continue Trial
    • Defeat Boss
    • Complete Trial without dying (optional)
    • Find Fallen Guardian (optional)
    • Kill boss with 17:00 remaining (optional)
    • Kill boss with 15:00 remaining (optional)


The boss for this trial is the Tink of Cunning. The Tink's special abilities mainly revolve around specialized grenades.

During phase 1 of the fight, the Tink will employ the following grenades:

  • Homing Spiked Tire:
    • The Tink throws a spiked tire that bounces around and homes in on the character.
    • The turning radius for the tire is relatively large, so it is possible to avoid it by strafing around.
  • Fire MIRV:
    • The Tink throws an incendiary grenade that resemble bundles of dynamite and splits into approximately 4 child grenades in flight.

During phase 2 of the fight, the Tink will be imbued with an element. The Tink will gain resistance to the imbued element and the "Homing Spiked Tire" will be replaced with one of the following custom grenades depending on the imbued element:

  • Homing Corrosion:
    • The Tink throws a huge, fast-moving corrosive element homing grenade that applies a corrosive status effect.
    • This grenade hovers a mild distance above the surface but is unable to climb, thus it can be avoided by climbing on tall objects.
  • Shock Web:
    • The Tink throws an electric element grenade that splits into child grenades that cover a wide area.
    • There is a web of wires connecting several child grenades to each other.
    • If the character approaches any of the child grenades, there will be a continuous shock discharge.
  • Incendiary Fireworks:
    • The Tink places a firework launcher on the ground.
    • The launcher will fire several rockets into the air at great height.
    • When the fireworks explode, they create several incendiary "rain-style" child projectiles that carpet the ground.
    • To avoid the downward firing projectiles, find cover under a roof or other structure.


Turn In: Overseer


  • At this time, some of the optional goals are bugged. Killing the boss with 20-24 minutes remaining only clears the Kill boss with 17:00 remaining optional objective. Killing the boss with 17-20 minutes remaining clears none of the Kill boss with XX:00 remaining optional objectives.

Mission Acquisition

The mission leading to Trial of Cunning is acquired from the Eridian Lodestar in the Splinterlands.

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