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Trespasser is a unique aftermarket sniper rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Jakobs. It is obtained from the mission Animal Rights located in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

Special Weapon Effects[]

I infrequently perish. – Bullets pass through enemy shields, dealing direct damage to the enemy. Reduced damage and bullet speed.

Usage & Description[]

The Trespasser is a fairly standard sniper rifle, aside from its ability to deal damage while ignoring shields. Its damage is often lower than other sniper rifles of the same level, however, bypassing shields makes it much more effective against enemies reliant on shields for protection. Of note is its behavior against stalkers. Because of its effect, it will be able to kill stalkers outright before almost any other sniper rifle. However, since it cannot damage their shields, the Trespasser will not disable their stealth, which proves problematic if it fails to kill them.

Another trick to use when carrying the Trespasser is to have it in the active weapon slot before entering a vehicle. The machine gun of the Outrunner and the Bandit Technical will then be able to penetrate enemy shields. The sawblades and the explosive weaponry cannot benefit from this glitch as those are not considered to be guns.

The Trespasser's special effect makes it useful in a small number of raid boss fights. When used against Pete the Invincible, the Trespasser can dislodge Pete's mask prior to his shields being depleted, allowing critical hits to be achieved in the first portion of the fight and bypass the pyrocaustic phase. It is also useful against Voracidous the Invincible, as it can bypass Chief Ngwatu's shields, making the battle much easier.


  • The Trespasser cannot bypass Master Gee's shield.
  • The Trespasser cannot penetrate the shield bubble generated by ION Loaders as those are considered to be a barrier.


  • The flavor text is a reference to Mordecai's "Fight for Your Life" quote where he screams "I NEVER DIE!".
  • The Trespasser's name comes from Mordecai's Trespass skill in Borderlands, which gives shots a chance to bypass shields.