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Treacher's Landing is a bandit-infested island located some distance of the coast, south of The Rust Commons West. It is connected to the coast via a long walkway suspended over the water (though the transition point automatically bypasses the walkway).


Treacher's Landing was established on Pandora as the location of a fishery. The fishery was one of the food suppliers for the inhabitants of Pandora. Since the Dahl corporation left the planet, the island and factory have been taken over by bandits.



Several missions take place in this area:

Weapon Crates[]

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  • The name of Treacher's Landing is a reference to a chain of American restaurants "Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips". The chain was named after the British actor who also was a spokesperson for the chain.
  • The You're on a boat! achievement can be done in this area.
  • There is an easter egg (Fun with barrels) at a secret dock where the You're on a boat! achievement is obtained. When the barrels are shot in a particular order, Tannis will appear riding a fish in the distance while some music plays.