Trapped Rat is a challenge in The Fridge. This challenge is worth 10 Badass Rank.


In the south-western part of the map, there is a sealed room. To enter it, adventurers must go to the room adjacent to it from north-east, and look through small window into the sealed room. A New-U station can be seen inside, obstructed by a frozen person. In the room, there are few frozen people, one of them is a Rat. Smash the Rat to complete the challenge.

In order to get inside the room, an adventurer must shoot the frozen person to activate the New-U station, and then proceed to die. After being reconstructed inside the sealed room, he can open it from inside. The adventurer can also have a second character join the game after freeing the New-U station, as the joining character will spawn inside the room, and can simply unlock the door and leave.

Alternately, adventurers can complete the challenge on their own without dying by throwing grenades into the room through the window until the Rat is freed. Homing MIRV grenades are good for this because they will bounce off of walls and ceilings, and then cover a wide area with explosives. Commandos can also easily complete this challenge by using the Nuke skill in the Gunpowder tree.


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