A Transfusion Grenade is a fuse-based grenade that has been equipped with a transfusion grenade mod. Transfusion Grenades steal health from enemies and heal you. Transfusion Grenades are manufactured by Anshin.

Usage & Description

Unlike other grenades that deal direct damage to enemies, Transfusion grenades have no elemental attributes but instead use the "vampiric" transfusion effect, draining health or shield energy from enemies and transferring it to the thrower and nearby allies as health. Transfusion grenades detonate 2.5 seconds after being thrown and disperse several white tendrils that seek out enemies. If the tendrils touch an enemy or enemy construct they leech health from the enemy (or energy from its shield), turn red, and seek out the thrower and his/her teammates. If the red tendrils then contact any ally they will grant the half of health/energy drained from the enemy to the ally in the form of health. The Transfusion's initial detonation does not deal any damage, but both the white and red tendrils will travel an impressive distance to seek out an enemy/ally, the white constantly bouncing off of surfaces in search of an enemy contact. Both white and red tendrils will disperse if they do not contact an enemy or ally within five seconds after detonation or contact with enemy. Transfusion grenades can be especially effective against solitary enemies as all of the tendrils will damage the enemy and return a significant amount of health to allies.


  • Transfusion grenades' red tendrils seek out the closest ally to their initial detonation. In multiplayer games, teammates safely outside the fray can throw Transfusions into the midst of the battle to damage enemies and help heal embattled allies.
  • Ally Scorpio Turrets are considered friendly units to the Transfusion grenade and a Soldier can use transfusion grenades strategically to repair his turret. NPCs and friendly Claptraps are also treated as friendly units and may 'steal' away some of the restorative trails if they are near the blast.
  • Transfusion grenades will leech health from enemy vehicles and from dead enemies, as long as the ragdoll effect is still active.
  • Transfusion grenades that explode near barrels and fuel tanks will detonate the barrel or tank instantaneously, resulting in a quick heal for allies.
  • Transfusion grenades thrown in the Bank in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot will "damage" the Banker Claptrap, causing it to say "Ooohhhh!" when the white tendrils hit it.
  • In the Circle of Duty, transfusion grenades have a small chance of killing a grounded trooper that has fallen through the red laser barrier covering the rocketeer entry point.

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