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Transfusion weaponry drains enemy health, transferring it over to the wielder and nearby allies. The most common type of transfusion weapon is the grenade.

Transfusion Grenades[]

Transfusion Grenades have the same effect of other transfusion weaponry but in a larger area. The grenade sends out white orbs that track enemies in the same fashion a heat seeking missile would but is also able to navigate around corners. Once the orb comes in contact with the enemy it then turns red and returns to the character that threw the grenade, healing them for the amount of damage dealt.

The damage dealt by transfusion grenades are usually lower than other grenade types of the same level and they are also never below blue rarity.

Transfusion grenades will not always return health to the character who threw them in a multi-player game, instead the recipient is the closest allied target to the enemy hit by the transfusion damage. This means multiple characters can get health from the same grenade toss. Since having more players in a game increases the chances the health return will be distributed among allied units, the transfusion grenade is sometimes viewed as a more useful tool for single player campaigns.

Transfusion Weapons[]

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx introduced two new weapons that produce transfusion trails after shooting an enemy. These weapons are useful for team members who might not have a high-quality shield or don't have a healing shield or ability.

Healing weapons: Aries and Kyros' Power.


Transfusion grenades are often best used with characters with a low health count, such as Mordecai or Lilith. They are extremely useful for close quarters combat, as they do not harm the user but sap the health of enemies. The orb duration is limited, so using transfusion in long-range combat can prevent receiving "stolen" health.

In multiplayer games, transfusion grenades can be used to support front line characters under heavy assault. Characters safely out of the thick a fight can lob grenades into the heart of a conflict and allies closer to the targeted enemies will then be the primary beneficiary of the grenades' health return.


  • Transfusion grenades exploding near explosive barrels will detonate the barrels instantaneously, resulting in a quick heal for the striking character.
  • The health received from transfusion is half the damage dealt. For example, a transfusion grenade that does 100 damage to an enemy will heal the player for 50 HP.
  • It is possible, though of limited usefulness, to get health back from town NPCs. It is unknown if they could die this way.
  • Transfusion grenades have been banned in MLG matches.

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