Traitor's Death is a unique assault rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Jakobs. Traitor's Death is obtained from the mission Going Rogue.

Special Weapon Effects

Non vo' che più favelle. – 25% chance to deal double damage as incendiary.

Usage & Description

While the random elemental effect can make the Traitor's Death a pseudo-elemental weapon, it is largely similar in utility to common Jakobs assault rifles. When incendiary damage is dealt, it does not apply an elemental status effect but does benefit from bonuses for elemental damage.


  • The special effect can be triggered by the ricochet of a critical hit.


  • The flavor text is a quote from Dante's Inferno 32:109: "And now... you traitor bent on evil, I do not need your talk, for I shall carry true news of you, and that will bring you shame.".
    • The flavor text is Italian and can be translated as "I don't want more favors".
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