Totems of Fire is a location-based challenge in Borderlands 2. To perform this challenge in Frostburn Canyon, all 10 hanging totems of Children of the Firehawk must be ignited. It is worth 5 Badass Rank.


Borderlands 2 Totem Of Fire Challenge Guide

Borderlands 2 Totem Of Fire Challenge Guide

In one or more sessions, shoot each of the 10 totems with a incendiary status effect weapon. (However, a incendiary weapon with a rebound effect, such as Dart, will not work.)

The  totems can be reached in a more or less continuous journey beginning from the Fast Travel station or Three Horns Divide entry. The locations of Children of the Firehawk hanging totems are:

  1. To the northeast, above the descending entry to Blisterpus Camp.
  2. Over the cave entrance that leads to the south from Blisterpus Camp.
  3. In Blacktoe Cavern, above the stairs that rise to the east.
  4. In the passageway after the stairs exiting Blacktoe Cavern.
  5. Above the northwest descent into Ashmouth Camp.
  6. Further ahead at the bottleneck in Ashmouth Camp.
  7. To the west of the fire pit in Ashmouth Camp, in a gap between cliffs.
  8. At the north of Ashmouth Camp, above the cave entrance leading to the Firehawk's Lair.
  9. In the bandit camp near the center of the map, reached by returning to #4 and turning north. (It can also be found by going west and then south from the Fast Travel station.)
  10. At the top of the stairs leading to the bandit camp found by traveling south from #9 to Frozen Ant Lake and then turning north.
  • All totems on map
  • Totem 1 location
  • Totem 1 on map
  • Totem 2 location
  • Totem 2 on map
  • Totem 3 location
  • Totem 3 on map
  • Totem 4 location
  • Totem 4 on map
  • Totem 5 location
  • Totem 5 on map
  • Totem 6 location
  • Totem 6 on map
  • Totem 7 location
  • Totem 7 on map
  • Totem 8 location
  • Totem 8 on map
  • Totem 9 location
  • Totem 9 on map
  • Totem 10 location
  • Totem 10 on map


  • Only the hanging totems count for this challenge (and not, for example, the "scarecrow" standing ones).
  • Whether by bug or design, the hanging totems cannot be ignited while one or more of the Incinerator Clayton missions are active. Once the mission Cult Following: The Enkindling is taken, it must be completed before the hanging totems can be ignited to complete this challenge. Other missions in the Cult Following series may also interfere with completing this challenge.
  • Ignition of the totems is persistent across sessions. It is not necessary to ignite all totems in a single session.
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