Totally Recall is an optional mission from The Beatdown bounty board.

"Mister Torgue has informed you that much of the beer in Pyro Pete's Bar has been poisoned. He needs you to kill some of the bandits and take their beer so they won't die of poison. As you will be killing the bandits anyway, this plan makes approximately zero sense."



  • Pick up bad beer: 0/21


21 bottles of bad beer must be looted from bikers at Pyro Pete's Bar. The bikers are generally hostile to one another and can be played off against each other. Many of them are shielded targets, and most are armed with SMGs or assault rifles. Very few of them will ever exit through the main doors in the front of the bar, so the entry area can be exploited as a safe zone if need be.


Mister Torgue's plan was completely nonsensical, but at least you got paid.

Turn In: The Beatdown Bounty Board


  • Mission Item: Bad Beer "Will get you drunk and/or dead."
  • Totally Recall can be done in conjunction with Tier 2 Battle: Bar Room Blitz or later. The success or failure of the Bar Room Blitz mission has no impact on the outcome of Totally Recall - it merely supplies enemies.


  • The name of this mission is a reference to the movie Total Recall.


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