The Torrent is a legendary submachine gun manufactured by Dahl. The Torrent is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Meg located in Hyperion Hub of Heroism.

Special Weapon Effects

Spray it to slay it. –  Increased damage and magazine capacity, greatly increased fire rate, greatly reduced recoil when hip-fired. Reduced accuracy. No movement speed penalty while aiming down the sights. Fires a five shot burst. No burst fire delay. Cannot spawn with a sight attachment.

Usage & Description

With its increased damage and decreased recoil, the Torrent excels at scoring critical hits. The recoil reduction is further increased when fired from the hip, making it especially useful in close quarters or against flying enemies, as the accuracy almost never deteriorates when hip-fired.


  • The lack of speed penalty when aimed down the sights is caused by setting the sight part to be NULL instead of Scope_None.
    • A similar effect is present on the E-GUN and the Jack-o'-Cannon in the Pre-Sequel, and the Interfacer/Green in Borderlands 2.

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