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Torgue Tokens are a form of currency exclusive to the Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC for Borderlands 2.

Usage & Description[]

The icon for these tokens are an orange chip with a letter "T" on them. They are used with the Torgue vending machines. The item of the day in these vending machines will always be a Torgue-branded legendary weapon.

Tokens can also be used in the two Torgue Slot Machines at Badass Crater Bar. They pay out weapons and items like a cash slot machine, but instead of cash or Eridium, they grant Torgue Tokens.

Drop Guide[]

Torgue tokens are found exclusively in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, through the completion of missions, drops from badass enemies, bosses, or from the Torgue slot machines found in that DLC.

Pyro Pete's Bar provides a high drop rate of Torgue Tokens, where the badass reinforcements ensure a steady source of tokens.


  • The maximum number of Torgue Tokens that can be collected 999. Tokens collected after reaching the maximum number allowed will not be counted towards the inventory and will be lost.
  • Farming Torgue Tokens can be an effective way of acquiring legendary Torgue weapons. These items will all be available at the Torgue vending machines (as an item of the day) for a price of 613 tokens. A time-efficient method of doing this is to simply replay the Tier 3 Rematch: Bar Room Blitz or the Tier 3 Battle: The Death Race missions. Each replay will grant a reward of 20 tokens, and the super badasses in the bar have a high chance to drop one. As the drop rate of Torgue Tokens are the same regardless of the playthrough mode, tokens can be farmed on Normal mode to obtain True Vault Hunter or Ultimate Vault Hunter leveled items.
  • Torgue Slot Machines provide another means of obtaining Torgue tokens, most efficiently with four players as each token gained goes to every player present. In single-player however, the expected value is still negative. The slot machines will provide approximately a 3:1 transfer rate.