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Torgue Thrashers are long-range fire support loaders in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. They appear with moderate frequency in The Forge, usually backing up other common Torgue loaders.



Torgue Thrashers are armed with rocket batteries and they will periodically stop during a fight to hunch down and launch volleys of rockets that can quickly cripple an unsuspecting target at long range.

Those fighting Thrashers will need to find cover, and quickly. Staying out in the open is a risky option due to the high damage output of Thrashers' rocket barrages and the often sparse cover of the Forge. Corrosive attacks against them are ideal, especially those from longbow or homing grenades that can be directed into the loaders' vicinity with minimal exposure, and sniper rifles can similarly allow hit-and-fade guerilla tactics from relatively safe positions.


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