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Torgue Chargers are loaders appearing in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. They appear in the outer ring of the Torgue Arena, and in The Forge.



Torgue charger 2

Bulldozer Mode

Torgue Chargers patrol their areas armed with a rifle in their right hand, and carry an impenetrable metal shield in their right. They will continue firing while marching toward their target, and once they have closed to close range they transform into a mini bulldozer and hurtle forward in a ramming attack.

The arms and legs of a Torgue Charger are critical hit locations at the shoulder and hip respectively. With enough damage sustained on these critical points, the associated limb will drop away, thereby depriving the loader of its right arm gun, left arm shield, or the ability to walk. The shield effectively protects both shoulder joints from attacks from the front, however attacks just below the shield can still strike the hip joints.


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