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The Topneaa is an E-tech Rocket Launcher manufactured by Vladof. The Topneaa is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description[]

Unlike other E-tech weapons, the Vladof "Consumes reduced ammo per shot" ability means the Topneaa only uses 2/3 of a rocket per shot. The weapon fires a single slow-moving rocket, which deals massive splash damage on impact. Projectiles also cause a strange additional effect, creating damaging energy spheres around anything caught in the weapon's blast radius.

Like all other Vladof launchers, the rocket ammo consuption is more efficient having each third shot not decreasing the remaining rounds in the magazine once thus being able to fire more rockets than the magazine states. This weapon is the only other E-tech gun to consume less than 2 rounds per shot, the other being the Dahl Blaster (during burst firing only). When used with The Sham, the above effect and unique nature of the energy orbs allows the user a near unlimited supply of rockets.

So long as the user is within range of the energy orb, The Sham will be able to absorb rockets. This absorption effect works even for the "free" rockets. If the orbs are absorbed properly, no damage will be dealt to the user. However, care must still be taken: a Topneaa projectile exploding too close to the user may prove fatal since The Sham has a very limited shield capacity.


  • In line with Vladof's theme, the name is incorrectly transliterated from the russian word "Торпеда" (Torpedo). It has been made from the mere form of the letters (TopneAa) rather than their actual transliteration (Torpeda).


  • This gun is afflicted by a glitch that allows weapon effects to be transferred to all other weapons, essentially allowing any gun that consumes a normal one ammo per shot to be fired indefinitely (for Salvador only).