Tommy is a character who appears in Tales from the Borderlands.


He has known August 's family for a long time.


He owed money to August for an overdue bar tab. After having a small discussion about the payment, August convinces Tommy that everything is fine and that he can pay later. August then sent Tector to kill him. Unbeknownst to Tector, Tommy had a Maliwan shield, which when fired at shocked Tector. Tector then chased him back into the Purple Skag where he shot him, splattering a little blood on Fiona's cheek. Tector then explains to August that it took so long to kill Tommy because he did not know about the shield. In episode 2, if Fiona mentions to August that Sasha thinks he is dangerous for shooting Tommy, he will justify himself saying that he cheated his family for years and he had many opportunities to leave, but he didn't take it.



'"I've known your family a real long time, August."
"Will do, August... heh, buddy.
"Thanks again."
"No! No! Please!"
"Please... please... August... please, I'll pay... I'll pay... I'll pay..."


  • Tommy's appearance is heavily based on Shade's model, with added eye-patch and only his hat, legs and some of his textures being changed.
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