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Tom and Xam are a duo that makes up a re-spawnable boss encounter in Guns, Love, and Tentacles. They are found in the Heart's Desire area of Xylourgos, close to the What Beats Beneath fast travel station.



  • When one of the brothers dies, the second brother will double its current HP total by adding a second, identical health bar. It advised to either whittle both brothers' HP down to a low level before killing one or the other of them or reduce one of the brothers' HP down to a very low level, before focusing all efforts on the more healthy one.


  • Killing off one twin, but leaving before killing the other twin, results in the character having to fight both monsters once again. (On the initial playthrough of the storyline, it is necessary to kill both creatures before being allowed to proceed further into Heart's Desire.)
  • Tom and Xam have a chance of dropping the legendary Soulrender assault rifle.


  • The twins' names are a reference to fictional character twin brothers Tomax and Xamot from the G.I. Joe cartoon and comics series.