Title is a technical term that describes a part: the one responsible for the "right hand side of a weapon's name". It should not be confused with prefix. Titles come in many varieties, from the standard common ones, all the way up to the unique, legendary or even pearlescent titles.


Here is a short list of example titles:

Effect on weapons

In Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, titles have no effect on weapon or item characteristics.

In Borderlands, most titles only have minimal effects on weapons: Slightly increased damage, or other stats. There are a few titles, though, that significantly affect weapon characteristics: for instance, the Anarchy or Matador title are responsible for those weapons' extra projectiles. Unique, legendary and pearlescent titles never have any effect on weapons.


When Gearbot generates a weapon, all that weapon's parts are first chosen, and then a title is applied, using a predefined set of rules: First, a list of titles for which the weapon qualifies is made, and then the Title with the highest priority is applied.

For example, support machine guns have four different standard titles: Machine Gun, Mauler, Massacre and Havoc, in that order of priority. To qualify for each title, the requirements are respectively: Nothing, high damage, high accuracy, and high fire rate. A Support Machine Gun with high damage and high accuracy will qualify for the titles "Mauler" and "Massacre". Because "Massacre" has higher priority then "Mauler", the weapon will be bestowed the "Massacre" title.


  • Some effects, such as that of the Pounder, comes from another part, and not the title. Because of this, it is possible to have unique, legendary and pearlescent weapons with that effect.
  • Because unique, legendary and pearlescent override every other title, those weapons never benefit from the effect of a good title.

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