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Titan is a mini-boss encountered in The Slaughter Shaft of Pandora.


Titan is a Goliath type enemy that appears during the final wave of the 5th round in The Slaughter Shaft. He is already enraged when he appears and wields a large mine attached to a bar.



Titan's appearance in the arena is usually signaled by Mr. Torgue over the ECHOnet. Many of the tactics that would be effective against a typical enraged Goliath tend to work well against Titan. He does have some unique attacks to be cautious of, however; Titan can spin around in place to wind up an attack where he will either throw his weapon, which explodes shortly after impact or remain on the ground dealing heavy damage and knockback. He cannot clap because his hand is occupied, though can continue to belly flop. As he shows up initially enraged already, he will attack other enemies if the Vault Hunter isn't the closest target. As with any Goliath, he will evolve into a stronger form if he kills an enemy and regain all his health.


  • Titan has an increased chance to drop Zheitsev's Eruption, Shredifier, Butcher, and Tina's Hippity Hopper.
  • An effective method for farming his drops involves killing him in the final round without killing all the other enemies and then fast traveling to the beginning of The Slaughter Shaft. This will cause the final round to reset and Titan to spawn again in the final wave, allowing him to be farmed without having to complete all 5 rounds again.
  • Given the opportunity, Titan will evolve into Super Raging Titan, Mega Raging Titan, Ultimate Raging Titan and Godly Titan.